Lobster Rolls / Lobster Sandwiches in Toronto

I had take-out lobster rolls from Oyster Boy which were a little small but tasted good in July 2020. (Awful oyster fritters) No lobster roll on the current Oyster Boy Menu, just chilled lobster at Market Price https://oysterboy.ca/menus/

Lobster rolls don’t seem to be on Rodney’s

or Stamps Lane’s menus right now.


John & Sons were good in the past, maybe a little small. I haven’t visited in over 3 years- mostly due to the Pandemic. I used to be a regular. http://johnandsonsoysterhouse.com/

I haven’t tried Buster’s Sea Cove. $15.95 at Buster’s Sea Cove.

The Lobster Roll that has been in Kensington will have a new location, which hasn’t been announced yet. https://www.instagram.com/p/CbWQKKTrSkw/

Pearl Diver offers one for $24.

Tempted to try Zee Grill’s $33 roll. I haven’t been in over a decade.

Lobster Burger Bar charges $19. Haven’t been.

Have you had any good lobster rolls recently?

I’d rather splurge on a higher quality lobster roll or sandwich.

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We recently had lobster roll at two restaurants:

(1) @ Stock Bar ($27) near Yonge/Eglinton and it was good. Would order it again.
(2) @ Pink Sky ($35) near King/Spadina and it was not good. Hard pass.


Thank you!!! Haven’t been to Stock yet!

I had a wasabi crab (like a crab and mayo salad) and omelette sandwich at JJin Toast today. It hit the spot.



It’s a really filling sandwich. I will eat half and save the rest for later next time. The Iced Dalgona Latte is good, too.


We tried the lobster roll from Buster’s Sea Cove in the St. Lawrence Market. It was very good, with lots of lobster, a goodly amount of lemon, and not too much mayo, all on a Martin’s roll:


I’m heading to the East Coast (NB, PEI, NS) later in the summer, I guess I should try some. Any favourite spots? I hear Shediac NB is the lobster capital of the world?

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I enjoyed trying Lobster Rolls and Lobster Sandwiches all over NS, inc Cape Breton. It’s been 11 years since my visit so any info I have is now out of date.

I’ve only spent 2 nights in Charlottetown, and had a lobster dinner rather than a roll at their Lobster Pound. Definitely try the mussels. I usually pass on mussels because they aren’t a favourite for me. The PEI mussels in PEI were better than any I’ve had anywhere in the world.

I haven’t spent time in NB.

I started this NS thread for a friend who visited in May. [Halifax, Nova Scotia] [Cape Breton] [Lunenberg] [Nova Scotia] [Maritimes] Recommendations

Fabulous. Thanks.

My friend had a lobster roll at The Rusty Anchor in Pleasant Bay on Cape Breton in May, and I liked it when I was there in 2012.

Lobster Burger Bar has a $55 3 course Summerlicious lunch with a truffle lobster roll option.

Zee Grill charges 33 bucks for a lobster roll with potato chips?!?!? I mean, it’s a good restaurant, but C’MON! How great does that sandwich have to be to charge dinner entree prices?

I like to go to Diana’s Oyster Bar for lunch occasionally. They serve more casual fare than their dinner menu then. It’s all good, but the lobster, crab and shrimp roll with clam chowder and fries for $22 is a delicious steal.

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Thats how much they cost these days. I paid around $30 USD in Boston in 2018. They were $25-$30 USD in NYC in 2019. The APDC one cost over $40 in 2019 (large, best shared with someone, topped with foie).

The Oyster Boy lobster roll was around $24 in 2020, and it was small.

Rodney’s Lobster Roll kits were really expensive when they had them available last year. Closer to $200 for 4 people.

Rodney’s is charging $35 now.

John & Sons lobster roll is really small, too. Also $33.

I will try Zee’s at some point.

I’ve been making them at home with frozen lobster tails, that usually cost around $7.99/ tail…

That does sound like a deal.

Honest Weight has a shrimp roll that looks good.

The one at Buster’s Sea Cover above was about $18 I think, so definitely less expensive than some.

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I was browsing for Oysters Rockefeller, and couldn’t help but notice Lobster Rolls at John & Sons, Rodney’s and Zee Grill are now running $33-$36.

Understandable with food costs soaring.

Re: Oysters Rockefeller
I found Oysters Rockefeller listed at FK on St Clair W.

I was not too impressed with Diana’s version of Oysters Rockefeller (gritty), or Jacobs & Co’s version when I tried them pre 2020.

Oyster Boy has Oysters Rockefeller on their current menu.

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I had a very bad experience at Diana’s Oyster Bar recently. The kind that makes me wonder if I’ll ever go there again. The server, a long term employee, did just about everything wrong you can think of and a few you probably hadnt thought of. I will certainly be hesitant to recommend it.

It’s too bad. I’ve been going to Diana’s since they opened their doors. My spouse and I had our first date there. Its the perfect Ladies Night.
A great lazy afternoon hang.
Countless, countless memories.


Sorry to hear that . It’s so disappointing.

Has anyone tried Market Street Catch? $19.50 is awfully cheap for a lobster roll. Most of the good places are charging $25 -$35 for a lobster roll in Toronto lately.

Oyster Mine has a $30 lobster roll. Located near Yonge & Davisville

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The Lobster Roll at Rodney’s is currently $35.


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