Lobster Rolls / Lobster Sandwiches in Toronto

Among my favourite finds in Pickering and luckily walking distance from home is Lobster Baron. We recently grabbed the $20 lobster roll, a $16 shrimp po boy and made our way to the nearby lakeside park. Its a better Lobster Roll than Diana’s and certainly rivals anything I’ve had downtown. The po boy had a great kick and wonderful textures. With a couple lemonades an absolutely delightful $40 picnic date.

Their selection of seafood is limited, but of extremely high quality. It’s a relief to know I don’t have to travel to Diana’s or SLM to satisfy my cravings.


Sounds great!

It’s Lobster Season.

I haven’t ordered any this year yet. I’ve been jonesing for a good lobster roll or lobster salad.


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