Let's welcome each other!

When we started Hungry Onion in 2015, we wanted to build a discussion forum to encourage ‘thoughtful discussions among avid food lovers.’ We want a place where everyone can come and have enjoyable and knowledgeable discussions about cooking and dining out. Many of us, including myself, came here from Chowhound, one of the first food forums and probably the largest ever built. Some of the Chowhound traditions carried over- What’s for Dinner is the largest example. We’ve since welcomed many more members, including some who had no prior exposure to Chowhound. And we started some new discussions and traditions as well.

As you may have heard, Chowhound shut down for good this week. A number of Chowhound users opted to join Hungry Onion. We welcome the ~400 new users who joined over the last few weeks! Its great to have more knowledge, more viewpoints and more discussions on cooking/ dining out. I think long term the discussions will be much richer as a result.

There is a bit of short term adjustments, however. There has been a few instances where tension developed between long time members and new members. That, in a way, is to be expected. And, I strongly believe this is a transitional issue that will work itself out in a few weeks and months, because people take time to get comfortable with one another, and used to each other.

So I ask everyone here to help the newbies settle down in their new virtual coffee shop. Welcome them! Make them comfortable! Help answer questions they may have! Remember we were all new to HO at one point in time too!

Newbies, please also help the HO members along too. Some may not be familiar with Chowhound traditions/ discussions such as Cookbook of the Month, etc. or the terminologies used on Chowhound. Help guide everyone along the discussions and the voting process too. In that sense, the newbies are also oldtimers too :smiley:

I want everyone to remember that we are all joined by our common love of food. Let’s celebrate by making and eating more delicious food!