Let's talk Turkey sandwiches


I usually look for a maple-glazed turkey breast if getting slices from the deli, but my preferred is home-roasted, white meat sliced in medium thickness, and used in a panino on the grill pan (usually a sourdough bread from When Pig’s Fly Bakery on the East Coast).

Additions are usually a Swiss, Provolone or Monterey Jack thin-slice cheese. The schmears can be homemade cranberry-orange relish, Avjar, mayo and honey-mustard - depends on what I feel like having.

And now I want a turkey sandwich, dammit. :thinking::turkey::cheese:


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I’ve passed that store when I’m in Maine. Do you have it shipped?



I’m lucky enough to have it distributed to several grocery stores in MA, where I live. Not everything is stocked, but there’s enough choices for me to be able to enjoy it on a regular basis (sourdough almost always seems to be available). They distribute to many supermarkets in New England, NY and NJ.

There’s a retail store in Newburyport, about 45 minutes from where I live, but I always forget to check them out when I’m near there.



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Ah, for some reason I thought you were on the west coast. I really need to stop there - I pass it on my way to Ogunquit. Thanks!!

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When I was up in Maine (Route 1 antiquing) last Friday, I almost stopped at the Kittery store - but was tired at that point and just wanted to get home through Friday traffic. My problem is I’d want to buy multiple loaves…and it’s just me at home - I’d never get through it all! LOL


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I actually brought home bread from a breakfast place we love in Ogunquit. I put it on the freezer and took out pieces as I needed them and toaster them from frozen. It was great. Next year I’ll do more than 1 loaf.


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My favorite is surely T-day leftover on a Thomas’ English Muffin w/ mayo, & Ocean Spray cranberry sauce. For a non-November sandwich, I’ve got to say that I really love the Boar’s Head No Salt Added Turkey Breast. It has replaced Oven Gold on my shopping list for the foreseeable future.


I ask that the deli counter attendant slice it a bit thick at a #3 setting. I feel this product is the best at approximating home roasted turkey. Oh and BTW, I then add salt to the sandwich…

It’s also great for one’s hot open turkey & gravy cravings.

I did also really like the Jamaican Jerk seasoned turkey; but it seems this has been discontinued.


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My favorite turkey sandwich is made at my beloved New Monmouth Diner. It is called the “Calvert” Panini. Turkey, bacon, avocado, melted cheddar cheese, and a lathering of chipotle sauce on perfectly crisp brick oven bread.

But if I am at home or ordering a cold sub, I can be picky. I can’t have cheese and mayo on the same sandwich. :nauseated_face: I do not know why. So, option 1 for me is turkey, American or Swiss, L/T/O, O/V. Option 2 would be turkey, L/T/O, mayo, O/V (I like the acidity of the vinegar and creaminess of the mayo). I’ll throw some bacon on there occasionally, but no bacon and cheese at the same time for a cold sub. Call me weird.

I’m not really a fan of mayo much at all. Circumstances must be right. Definitely on a BLT but not much else.



So I tried the aloha Turkey tonight. It honestly was good! There is a tiny bit of sweetness, much less than I expected. It is just a thin coating on the outside. You cant even see any crust,bark, rub…whatever you want to call it. It looks like a regular Turkey breast. Here is the kicker, you can actually taste the hibiscus. I swear…definitely an interesting novelty Turkey.


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Evil genius

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Please make me one while you’re at it - yum!



I also make brownies in my waffle iron. Lots of crispy end pieces.


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Of course I would! I’d have you sit down with your feet up on my deck. I’d pour you a nice glass of white wine and bring you the sandwich accompanied by some of our good seasonal fruit or a few chips perhaps.

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I’m drooling!



A pic I just took. Notice no major spices on the outside…



And probably because of this thread, I just heard a commercial for Boar’s Head Aloha Sunshine Turkey Breast on the radio yesterday. Usually I tune out when commercials come on, but this one I heard. LOL

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Give it a shot. I liked it. In fact, I wish someone would have just let me try it and I didnt know the name of it. I think people will associate the name with tons of sweet pineapple flavor, but it is far from that. Just ask the deli person for a slice or two. They always help me out.

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And it does say “sweet” and “savory” on the label. Thanks for the recommendation.


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I’m in!



Thanksgiving turkey (white meat, thick slices) with lots of mayo, pepper, and sweet onion, on French bread. That’s it.