Let's talk Turkey sandwiches

I just heard a commercial for this new product:

What are your favorite brands, flavors , toppings, breads and methods to make tasty turkey sandwiches? Simple or complex, let’s hear some cool ideas :slight_smile:

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I’m boring. I like Boar’s Head Oven Gold roasted turkey breast. At home I make turkey sandwiches with mayo in a pita pocket with lettuce and tomato. If I order a turkey sandwich eating out, I’m partial to a classic club on toasted wheat. My favorite turkey is leftover from a Thanksgiving bird on white bread with mayo, stuffing and cranberry sauce!


I like things simple - sliced white/French bread, mayo, dill pickles, lettuce, turkey - perfect!

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Your title is a bit misleading but that’s ok🙂 I suppose Sara Lee Mesquite smoked turkey breast is what I use.

But my favorite turkey sandwich in the whole wide world is leftover Thanksgiving turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce on a buttered brown & serve roll. Oh yeah.


What is possibly misleading? It says, let’s talk about Turkey sandwiches. The topic doesn’t get much broader than that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Anyway, good calls so far. I like the Thanksgiving style sandwiches as well. I will try to do this at home this year. I had one and it was a tasty sandwich!



That’s way over the top for me!! I do like a hot turkey sandwich with mashed potatoes and gravy, though…with white bread.


My only turkey sandwiches are from the leftovers of Christmas lunch - for lunch on Boxing Day.

For a sandwich, It has to be the white meat (much as I prefer to eat the brown meat, it just doesnt seem right between bread). And, just as it is for the traditional roast turkey, the accompaniments are as important as the meat. So, we start with white bread. It needs to be soft and not very crusty - better than supermarket sliced bread of course. The bread needs to be buttered. Then there’s thickish chunks of the turkey - this is no place for a delicate touch - topped with mango chutney. Finally, a few nuggets of stuffing - either the traditional sage & onion or the chestnut. Or both!


I love turkey sandwiches, but I hate BH oven gold. I tend to go to stores that make their own. Russian dressing is a must for me and many times just on toast or a toasted roll with RD and I’m happy. But I also love smoked turkey with mustard, or maybe some sweet roasted red peppers…hmm. I’m getting hungry.


I’m in retail and so am usually crazed on Black Friday. If there is leftover Thanksgiving stuffing, I mix it with some egg and make waffles out of it. Then I use the waffles to make turkey sandwiches with the rest of the leftovers. Hot or cold depending upon mood.


How much research went into pineapple and hibiscus :hibiscus: coated turkey in Hawaii?
Do folks actually eat that?
This does not sound appetizing to me, but I really only like fresh turkey, not packaged stuff so I’m not the target audience.

Ohhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!


I like mine on good bread with avocado and bacon (if I have any) also with mayo, lettuce and very thinly sliced onions. Yum.

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Hibiscus isn’t bad, I’ve only had it in tea however. But like you, that ham doesn’t appeal to me and I would probably not buy it. Ever. However, pineapple teriyaki does appeal to me. (right, like ham needs more sodium lol) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I thought we were talking Turkey :smile: I might have missed something though lol

I really like this BH Turkey. It is very tasty even just sliced and not on a sandwich


OMG haha, I meant turkey but typed ham :scream_cat: It’s not the first senior moment I’ve had today​:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Think I’m a bit preoccupied with going to the Stones concert in Seattle tomorrow night. I’ll let you know if Sir Mick has all his moves back. Should be a great time and perfect weather! I won’t be eating turkey sandwiches though…

Despite editing this twice, don’t know why it went all funky with me. The edits looked perfect. I did get some new technology Friday but not using it yet. Will have one of my techie kids transfer the data from the old to the new.

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My lunches most of the time . Smoked Turkey from the deli . Put between 2 piece of white bread with mayonnaise and a grind of pepper . Cut in half diagonally.


Boar’s Head Oven Gold Turkey Breast with mayo, sliced pickle on a good sub roll or even rye.

That sounds a lot better than pinnapple.

I usually look for a maple-glazed turkey breast if getting slices from the deli, but my preferred is home-roasted, white meat sliced in medium thickness, and used in a panino on the grill pan (usually a sourdough bread from When Pig’s Fly Bakery on the East Coast).

Additions are usually a Swiss, Provolone or Monterey Jack thin-slice cheese. The schmears can be homemade cranberry-orange relish, Avjar, mayo and honey-mustard - depends on what I feel like having.

And now I want a turkey sandwich, dammit. :thinking::turkey::cheese:


I’ve passed that store when I’m in Maine. Do you have it shipped?