Let's Talk Okra - Love or Hate?

(DeMarko) #1

Ok okra is another of those vegetables that don’t get much love. Like eggplant, I adore it. Have used it in curries, gumbos, dipped in cornmeal and fried, among other things. Pickled okra is delicious in Bloody Mary’s.

Love or hate, what are your opinions, and if you like it, how do you use it? Let’s hear it!


(Jimmy ) #2

In a Gumbo, yes. Any other use, meh.

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Generally love, but I’ve had it in only a few preparations too. A few stir fries and gumbo. The slimy texture inside doesn’t bother me.

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Ususally ok, but I don’t eat that very often.

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(For the Horde!) #5

I used to dislike it, but later I grew to love it. I particularly love it in gumbo. (Fried okra is awesome too)

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(John Hartley) #6

Hate is too strong a word. I would eat it if it was served to me but I prefer to avoid it. And I’ve managed to avoid it since 2011 - that last time being at a Punjabi supper club where it came stuffed with paneer

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Never encountered it until I was an adult, but came to love it. I’m especially fond of the many Indian dry curry dishes where it’s pan-fried with whole spices.



Love. Stewed with tomatoes, rolled in cornmeal and sauteed, pickled, whatever.

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I generally like all vegetables with very rare exceptions. And i kinda hate okra. A lot. I’ve tried it pickled, fried, stewed, breaded, raw, roasted, and the only way i liked it enough i would voluntarily eat it again is the dehydrated okra snacks from trader joe’s. That said I don’t seek them out and probably wouldn’t finish the bag nearly as fast as i do the beet chips or broccoli ones.
So, not for lack of trying but definitely not my thing


(Evelyn C. Leeper) #10

I like it cooked plain, fried, or in a curry (bhindi masala). I even used to make a Southwestern chili with okra! For those who don’t like the “slime”, using it in a stew or curry conceals that while using it to help thicken the sauce.



You should have been with us at a Texas sport ranch near Maypearl where the lunch caterers dished up among everything else good no mean brisket and fried okra that made you forget how frequently you were eating the dust on the AWT course before lunch was served.

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(Chris) #12

I love okra, though the missus is definitely in the hate camp. I had it a few times in Sri Lanka & India and it was fried quite fast so didn’t develop the slime that a lot of people find off putting . Though my favourite was in Malaysia , in Melaka where I had it fried with shrimp paste, lots of chilli and prawns.



Love it fried, in curry and obviously in gumbo. Didn’t I read somewhere that “gombo” is an African word, (sorry don’t recall the exact African language), for okra?

I don’t care for them stewed.

When fried, I like them pretty crisp. I eat them like popcorn while frying the second batch. :wink:


(saregama) #14

Grew up eating it - not sure I would have added it as a vegetable as an adult! I do enjoy the flavor.

I like dry preparations where the slime is under control - indian stir-fry, roasted, fried (and semi-recent microwave-fried).

I don’t like wet preparations where the slime comes out - curries, gumbo, etc.


(equal opportunity eater in the NC Triangle) #15

I like it any way it is served! I love the pop of the little seeds.!

I grew three plants last year. It’s a good looking plant with a pretty flower. Unfortunately, my plants produced one pod at a time…Not sure if it was due to my care or if this is the way of okra. With so few, I just would cook them in a dry pan or roast them or add to a soup or stew. Had hoped for enough to pickle.


(Miss_belle) #16

Okra is ok. I don’t love it or hate it. We used to keep a few in the garden. Mainly battered and fried. And I learned really quick to always wear gloves and long sleeves when picking okra. Now that plant will make you itch.



I like okra in all ways so far mentioned. I can eat as much fried as one is willing to make me. Same with pickled. I can eat a whole jar in one sitting if I am not careful. Like meatn3, I love the pop of the seeds. Poor man’s caviar? I discovered a few years ago that is it really good grilled. I bought some at a farmers market in Hawaii and the guy I bought it from suggested I grill it. The okra he sold me seemed to be a different variety than I see in the markets where I live. They were long yet thin. It works with standard okra but the long thin is more tender. Roasting in a hot oven gives a similar effect.



I love okra, mostly stir fried or in curries. But our local grocery store doesn’t carry it, so we end up eating it very rarely.

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(Karen Mezzetta) #19

I like okra & am grateful I learned the Indian way of dealing with it so its not slimy. Also like it grilled or in soups/gumbo…



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