Let's talk lobster [NJ]

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My first search for chef Jamal Sandals returned the following:

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When I added resorts to the search I got this:

I think that’s him with chef Walter but I can’t be sure, and no that’s not racist.

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Finally here is a shot of curried lobster with b a n a n a s (thanks Gwen):

So you happy now ?


I think a yellow curry might go well with lobster and some sauce drizzled over fried plantains sounds interesting. I’m sure they probably prepare something like that west indie style, but straight butter and lobster meat is always a classic for me.

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If it’s a fresh bug, why would you need curry or hot peppers ?

I guess I can’t see it, but I’m sure it tastes ok, just prolly not a lot like fresh lobster.

Q: What is the most famous Ramones song about Lobsters?


I agree. I see no need for curry on lobster but I’m just entertaining the question. I’m not stating it would be my preferred preparation but some countries like to spice it up. If I had to choose a curry on my lobster I’d go yellow, but simple lobster and butter works for me. :slight_smile:

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That’s kind of my problem with Fra Diavolo too. Why spice it up if it’s good?

I also think they may have had a traditional problem with refrigeration/ice in the Bahamas, which is how things like this get started.

They were cooking outdoors so chef Walter was looking a little like a lobster before they were done. He coulda used a little sun screen.

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Q: What is the most famous Ramones song about Lobsters?

I wanna be serated?

Bad guess, but I do know the dirtiest Ramones song
“The Shape of Things That Come”

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Teenage Lobsterotomy

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Curried lobster is wonderful. We love the classic sweet-to-heat pairing. I’ve tried different “styles” - Indian Madras. Green and Red Thai, etc. - never involved bananas in the prep though.

Favorite presently: Green and/or red peppers, onions, garlic, ginger, and some extra chiles get softened; red Thai curry paste to flower; coconut milk to a simmer, toss in cracked lobster claws and split tails (this is a great prep with new shells or just a bag of claws). Simple, spicy, delicious.

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You know Mr. Z, I am getting the distinct impression that you may be a bit of a chilehead:

Not that there is anything wrong with that :smiling_imp:.

I may be willing to try the thai chiles, but I don’t think I’m ready for the bananas yet.

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Unquestionably - both as to fun and philosophy. By that, I mean that I not only enjoy the occasional endorphin explosion of machoness measuring masquerading as a capcasin consumption contest, I maintain a very sober view of the essentialness of astringents in balanced food. Consequently, chiles are an important tool in the box. While the balance of the four tastes - salty, sweet, sour, bitter - is well discussed, the balance of unctuousness and astringency is often overlooked before complimentary beverages enter the discussion.

If we think of it this way, a boiled lobster, drawn butter, and white wine provide a comparable balance to lobster, coconut fats, and chiles/spices. But, then again, this is coming from a guy who will just splat a little Crystal hot sauce on a piece of cold lobster for a snack.


I was in sea bright earlier and sonny’s has a sign up for lobster rolls. 16.95 with fries and coleslaw. I’m going to try one asap.

Ps…I was checking their menu out and it looks like they have a lobster mac n cheese stuffed burger


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I had a business lunch at Avenue in Pier Village and noticed they had one on their menu. Wasn’t in the mood I think it was $18.95


Nice…what did you get? I might have to get back to sirena soon. That lunch pork chop last time was solid.

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6 west coast oysters and the Avenue salad that came with grilled shrimp. Bonus was witnessing a pack of Dolphins swimming down the coast, at least 4-6 of them, only 25-30 feet from shore.


You’re killing me…have yet to see dolphins after a year of living here! So jealous.

And it appears based on your lunch that you’re still working off the mixed grill…? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Over the past few years, no more than 5, dolphin sightings have been taking place up here. Prior to that only in the Cape May area or South…sadly last year one made it’s way up river into Old Bridge, NJ and got itself lost and it died. That was pretty crazy…

My daughter actually wanted lunch at Greek Spot last Saturday, I joined her but only ate the spinach empanada, I couldn’t bring myself to eat a gryo.


LOL! Someday your Greek cravings will return…

As for the dolphins, I saw them from Ocean Grove very early one morning when I was staying there 5+ years ago, but no matter how hard I look for them (ESP when the water is super calm), I’ve yet to spot one from AP. Won’t stop me from looking, though… :grin:

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Funny. We were talking about dolphin sightings earlier. I’m estimating close to 10 or more on morning swims this summer. A high for me.