Let's talk lobster [NJ]

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What?? What??? What???

I got them last week for $ 5.77lbs and the guy said they were going up to $ 5.99!!! Not down!! Wow…$ 4.99 that’s a great price. Good way to end the summer…I’m all lobstered out though.

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My Shoptite circular says $ 5.99 lb extended two days through Monday Sept 5.

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Did anybody manage to get to Boney Serra for the 5 pounder?


I still can’t get this greatest story of all times out of my head . It has to be scripted into a Hollywood blockbuster scene .

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Hey I’m looking for kosher lobster. Anybody seen this lately?

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I’ve seen them. They’re called “Cockroaches”.

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Yeah, I went tonight… lobster tank… empty, save for one claw.

ONLY lobster left was 6 cooked claws, they rang up at a pound but cost me $6.99. I still had a nice little feast, and claws are my favorite part of the lobster anyway.

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Might be some more specials after labor day, I heard harvest was good this year.


Keep us posted viking. I don’t read too much. I once read that drinking was bad for your health so I stopped reading :slight_smile:


Marlboro man, how were they? Good to see you came over here bud.

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$5.99 in our local south Jersey Shoprite too. Keep in mind though they are “New Shells” which have less meat & more water weight.

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Chicken lobsters. But theys tender and tasty.

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Can’t argue with that or the price.

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Please see my separate post on “Lobtoberfest” at Bahr(f)s in Highlands starting September 23RD.

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And Stop&Rob has bugs for $ 5.99 a lb through the 22nd, limit 4.


That was the funniest thing I’ve heard in a while. Unbelievable


Gotta bear witness to my ur-lobster: The lobster roll at Lenny and Joe’s Fish Tale in Madison, CT. It’s just big chunks of warm, tender meat and butter overflowing a buttered and grilled split-top bun. $15.99 for a plate that includes decent fries and good coleslaw. I grew up in the area and my family’s there so I get to see them when I fly cross-country to get my lobster roll fix. /snerk/ We usually go mid-afternoon in the summer because the lunch lines are ridiculous from the beach.

I had a lobster roll at a Bradley Ogden place called Yankee Pier in Larkspur, CA and it showed me I’m just not into any additions – no shallots, no tarragon, etc. please. It was pretty small and cost quite a bit more, unsurprisingly. It was just off, having what I’ve enjoyed in a beachy, cafeteria-style place, in a sit-down, upscale restaurant proper.

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So chef Walter on Taste of History is at Sandals in the Bahamas with chef Jamal making curried lobster with bananas.

How do we feel about curried lobster with bananas? Does that sound good?


Interesting. Any pics?

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Man what do you think I am, effing Instagram ?:wink:

Here is chef Walter from Taste of History/City Tavern: