Let's talk lobster [NJ]

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Curlz - next June/July - before the water starts to warm too much - try during the 7 to 9 am hour. More likely than not, heading south.


Just watch out for makos. I’m kidding. They aren’t in too close to shore

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Neither am I sometimes.

Truth is, I’m a Gen X guy. I still hear the Jaws theme at the first sight of any fin in the water within 50 yards of me.

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Wow that’s some bunker you got there.


Even though I follow a bunch of tagged sharks on Twitter, that makes me sad–maybe because the dolphin is still ‘smiling’…

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Awwww think of it as a love bite that went a little to far.

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Yep, I would be watching because actually shark is delishus, especially grilled. I like to marinate it first in a little lime, EVO, garlic, cilantro and red pepper flakes. After grilling serve with a little cabbage slaw, mayo/sour cream sauce, and a squeeze of lime on corn tortillas, with extra Cholula for Mr Z & Joon. Have rice and friloles with manteca on the side.

You do have to watch out when landing a shark, however, because they will bite until you kill them. For big ones down in Florida I have seen a pistol used to shoot them before bringing on board.


Yeah mako is good. Probably 20% of the swordfish you eat is actually mako. No I dont have a formula for how i derived that number but I am making an edcuated guess. Porbeagle is similar and thresher is ok too. It’s all good to make fish tacos with.

I have an awesome shark story involving my old 78 le sabre lol. I need some liquor in me to tell it so maybe later :grin: don’t get too excited. It won’t hold a candle to the Jr pierre Vegas saga.

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I know it is really popular and a feature on restaurant menus in the mid Florida keys (Plantation, Islamorada), almost as often as you see conch chowder. You also see it a lot in Baja.


I need to get back to the keys. I’m a huge kw fan but that place priced itself out of the market for me. I’m not looking to spend 300+ a night to hang on Duval st…as much as I love it.

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Try Plantation or Islamorada, prices are more reasonable, people are real, and fishing is great.

Key West jumped the shark :wink: 25 years ago.


Lately I’ve been doing the BVI…fun times. I might try to go “rough it” and hit the DR. Any experience there? Obviously there are much better places but I hear this stay can be dirt cheap if you plan it right. Hell I saw direct flight tickets near 300 when I was looking a while back.

Ps…food town has shell steaks for 4.88 a pound. They don’t look great but then again it’s a 5 dollar steak. I’ll make it work.

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There is nothing wrong with Foodtown beef, it’s all certified Angus since about a year ago.

Ring the bell on the butcher shop (NOT custom counter) and have them cut you one two and a half fingers thick. Or three if you have small fingers. Inch and a half or thicker.

You’ll get a better steak cause they cut it from the best part of a new primal, and it will grill better cause it’s thicker (stays juicy, but let it rest).

I bet you will be happy with the result.

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I’ve been a big fan of Foodtown (Red Bank) butcher/meat department for years. Their angus at the custom counter is picey but I’ve always been satisfied.

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Yep, it’s good.

The regular stuff is Angus too, since about a year ago.

The trick is to get the guys in back to cut you a new one. :yum:


Thats one of those warm water spiny lobsters, isn’t it? No claws? A rock lobster.
A different animal entirely from the cold water version.
Curry and banana might be a good thing.

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Plus 1 on food town red bank beef. Even the chopped meat is markedly better…the sales on London broil are a big day in our house…will prob grab these shells this week…not steakhouse prime quality but very good for the price…the butchers are good there though the custom steaks are high…th3 murray chicken at th3 custom counter is great too…

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You know CJ I’m going to have to call you for a face off outside the blue line in your own thread.

Offsides !

How did the lobster thread turn into a discussion of steaks?


Viking I believe you may live in Middletown as well so we might have to have a Mexican standoff lol.

I’d be game :slight_smile:

Speaking of this, my buddy Paul at work actually saw a Mexican standoff in person in the early 50s. He was 8 or 9 I believe but I have to record this story. It’s something you probably won’t hear again in person soon. Let me see if I can record his story. It’s an amazing trip!

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I didn’t know they played hockey in Mexico ???