Let's talk lobster [NJ]

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I should have known better…


@chowdom great pic of your dad! Old school pics are awesome.

@NotJrvedivici those steaks were only 8 a pound? Looks like a good buy!

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Canadian shirt and light beer…we are doomed



I misdated the throwback picture … it is way taken in 1976 not 1996


I thought it looked a little older than the 90s lol. Awesome pic nonetheless.


Thank you


Some southern bugs from one of my favorite spots…

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Home made Lobster Rolls:

On a fresh kaiser, open face scandinavian smorgas with hellman’s mayo liberally smeared everywhere and drawn butter on the side.

Those are some fresh home grown tomatoes in the side salad.



Nicely done viking! I’m not a tomato guy but those suckers look delicious! So do you pour butter over them or dunk?

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Re: drawn butter

My wife is more of a dipper/eat it with a knife and fork Euro style.

I just kind of pour it all over with a squeeze of lemon and eat it with my fingers.

I did use a fork for the salad, tho…


I knew I liked you, Johnny! I don’t do raw tomatoes and WOW do I get grief for it! #seeyouatthemeetings

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It’s ridiculous for people to give you grief for not eating raw tomatoes. You don’t say what your reason is, but there are people who are allergic to tomatoes. For others, their digestive system can’t tolerate the acidity.

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I am so in for this.

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My daughter and I were shopping in Belmar today at a few vintage stores and there were some awesome psychedelic disco shirts from the 70s and some men’s platform shoes too ( at least I think they were mens ).

Now that would be a great outfit for bar N. Or we just wait until closer to Halloween and all wear our costumes. I will go as a slutty nurse.

(Joon) #135

Make up your mind…first you suggest worst outfits but now you want to go in your best?


It’s not that they taste bad, I just don’t like the texture of large tomato chunks. Some people eat them like apples and that kind of weirds me out.

Does Fernandes 3 have any good lobsters?

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The menu always has the standard 2 - 1lbs lobsters for $24.95(? I’m guessing). They also routinely have a nice 3-4lb one on special. They present it table side along with any special cuts of steak for the night. (Tomahawk rib eye) No idea what the costs for the big boy is. Their crab meat stuffing is rather good, I’ve tasted in on some of my wife’s dishes.


Just saw an ad for The Bonney Read in AP…on Tuesdays they have 2-for-1 Lobster rolls, and on Thursdays it’s Local Lobster Day–the $20 lobster dinner includes butter, steamed corn, and potatoes. Both after 7pm (perhaps the lobsters have jobs?) :joy:

(Joon) #139

Ooh, sounds like a great time at Bonney, I like their happy hour too so it sounds like it’d be awesome to start with happy hour and transition to the 7pm deals. :smiley:

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Not sure if anyone has mentioned… but I saw bugs at ShopRite this week… live or steamed for you… only $4.99 a lb.! Gonna get some of those myself. Have one for dinner, make a couple into lobster salad or bisque.