Let's talk lobster [NJ]

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I have not been, Chris and I haven’t seen eye to eye over the years so I rarely go there. Regardless of that history I’ve been very tempted to take advantage of this offer. $50 for 5lbs, served to me in that enviroment, that’s honestly the financial equivalent to $1.00 double cheeseburger at Mc’ Donald’s.

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Yeah, I hear you man. I’m not a big fan of BS either, but for a 5lb bug someone has to be prepared to bite the bullet and get us a report.

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On our way tonight to Bar N to have the last of their 3 course lobster dinner. Not bad value at $45 for lobster bisque, lobster rolls and dessert. I’d say I’ll report back afterwards, but it’s not like they won’t do a good job.

At the bar there is no real dress code so I was joking around about wearing my jorts and a ripped Springsteen t shirt, but it gave me an idea. How about a HOdown one day at bar N with all of us wearing our worst outfits (JR will only have a 2 piece suit on - no vest) and the rest of us can go downhill from there. Just a thought ;o)

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Had no idea what Bar N was until I Googled and discovered that it’s the bar at Nicholas. It’s been ages since we’ve eaten in the bar there. However, we had dinner in the dining room a few weeks ago. Hadn’t done that since 2013.

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I’m sure Nicholas would be thrilled with that posse hanging at the bar :smile:

So I’m looking forward to the seal report on the n lobster. I’m sure it was great.


Ps…this thread needs some more lobster pics!

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Here ya go, happy?

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I seriously wasn’t going to post a review on the Bar N lobster 3 course, even a brief one, but if you insist …

The mug of lobster bisque was good and had a decent amount of lobster meat in it, but I’ve always found that particular soup to be a bit strongly flavored even in its best incarnations so a little went a long way. But as always those excellent rolls they serve helped me finish it up. Next was two smallish lobster rolls that, while good, didn’t live up to my own recent creation and certainly weren’t even half as full of lobster. The dessert is always excellent and this one, with a light as a cloud version of blueberry cheesecake didn’t disappoint. All in all a good value for the $45 price tag.

Sorry, didn’t take pics.

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Seal, was the lobster sous vide?

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JR, are you sure that isn’t a hairy crab?

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As a reminder, today is the last day for the $ 5.77 chicken lobsters at shop rite.

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Couldn’t resist the $5.79lbs Shop Right special so had a little (or a lot) of surf and turf tonight.

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JR, that looks phenomenal…and I was so excited about my mother in laws lasagna amd Eggplant parm bonanza tonight until I saw that…will have to take umbrage with the Bud lite can though.


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FWIW the guy told me the price is going up $ .22 to
$ 5.99lbs.


I went back earlier this week and picked out a lobsters to have steamed in store.
There were a couple of 2 pounders in the shipment that had just come in so I
picked a couple of those.
Innards remained inside and in - tact. I think what had happened last time is
that I asked them to remove the stomach, they interpreted that as removing
everything … lesson learned

I posted on the what’s for dinner thread that I prepared it with my husband in mind, in
hopes that he would like and eat it … He didn’t
Steamed lobster removed from the shell, swimming in butter and lemon and topped with seasoned panko and cracker crumbs light sprinkle of old bay and paprika mostly for color … under the broiler

Lobster throwback … 1996 with friends on Cape Cod … My Dad always the jokester!

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Very astute observation Mr. Mets.

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No offense sir…would have assumed a baller such as yourself would have at least gone for a Sam Adams… or perhaps dusting of the Big Daddy Kane track suit from earlier and go for the miller high life aka the champagne of beers.

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That’s my nephews beer, bud light it seems is the choice of the youger generation. If I were indulging tonight there would have been a martini glass, never been a big beer drinker.


Fine looking spread jr! Are those shop rite porters too? How were they?

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Yes, had the butcher cut them for me, I asked for the CAB but got their regular choice grade. At $7.99lbs they weren’t bad at all.