Let's talk lobster [NJ]


Does anyone have any good stuffed lobster recommendations? I think I asked ealier but I like Spain and Fernandes. I’m looking for something good that is closer.

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I haven’t had the stuffed lobster but assuming it’s the same stuffing as their flounder, Jimmy’s in Asbury Parks stuffing is delicious.


Jasper White’s “Lobster At Home” has a recipe that @Rubee has touted over on that other site:

Basic recipe, per Rubee: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/emeril-lagasse/jasper-whites-baked-stuffed-lobster-recipe.html

And Rubee’s suggestions:

But with these variations and tips:

He says Ritz crackers are the best (and that’s what I use) - or oyster crackers or New England common crackers, 3 ounces crumbled, instead of the cornbread. Bread crumbs won’t stay crispy. Always mix the stuffing at the last minute so it doesn’t get soggy, do it gently, and don’t pack the stuffing tightly or it will affect the lobster cooking evenly.

If using cooked lobster and/or crab meat instead of raw scallops or shrimp for the stuffing, let onions and herbs cool before adding. We’ve used all the variations but most often (like last night) 4 oz of the Phillips lump crab meat from Costco since we always have a can in the refrigerator.

Another tip is to use 1-1/2 to 2-1/2 lobsters since smaller overcook and larger cook unevenly. Lots of butter, but I wouldn’t cut down - it’s one of the reasons it’s so good, and the brushed butter on the tail and claws keeps them from getting dried out. Even without parsley or tarragon last night (I used some fresh chives), it was delicious as always. I served it with Green Goddess Salad from "Sunday Suppers (link below), and we cooked our 2-1/2 pounders exactly 30 minutes.

If you follow the exact baking times, they always come out perfectly cooked.

1-1/2 17 minutes
1-3/4 20 minutes
2 lbs 24 minutes
2-1/2 30 minutes

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Chicken lobsters $5.77 a lb at ShopRite starting Sunday for a week.

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Thanks Linda for mentioning that - yes, this is my go-to and a crowd-pleaser.


They extended the sale here at my local store by another week

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Just got off the phone with the seafood department at Shoprite in Freehold. $5.99 for 1 1/4 pounders. They are steaming 4 of them up for me for pickup this afternoon. Guy said they go fast so if you want em you should call first.


Our local Shoprite removes all the good innards when they steam them :frowning: every trace of roe and tomalley, gone.

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According to their ad the $5.77 is good for 21-27 August with the Shop Rite card.

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I got 4 1 1/4 pounders steamed and ready to go for just under $30. Used the classic butter/mayo/teeny bit of shallot and celery and got 6 well stuffed lobster rolls on Kings Hawaiian mini sub rolls.

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Looking good seal! You didn’t invite Jr and I? Lol

Do you finely chop the celery and scallion?

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I used the small part of one bulb of shallot and less than half a stalk of celery both finely minced.

And I sent my driver in the limo to pick you guys up. Guess he stopped for some Grey Poupon…


How on earth do they do that? Or do they steam and shuck for you???


I have no idea, I asked if they could not do that and they said no.
They did crack the shell for me, they must have done it then.
I did not enjoy them at all … this was a couple of years ago.
Since then when I buy them steamed I get them at Fairway when
they are on sale.

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I was up to elbows in lobster b4 I thought about taking a pic, but the lobsters I got yesterday were whole, uncracked and steamed. When I smashed their shells and picked them apart there was no sign of tampering and all the insides were intact.

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Did you know that the German/Swedish word for lobster is “Hummer” ?

In pronouncing, please use extreme caution to make sure you get what you ordered.


Nice…I think either way you can’t lose.

Does anyone know if rooneys does any bigger stuffed lobsters? I realize I’ll pay the beach tax but I could go for a good 3+ bug.

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Beuno Sera 5lbs $50. Till end of summer, you cannot beat that deal.

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Yeah, has anybody been yet? I was looking for trip reports/critical reviews before clawing my way to this one.