Let's talk lobster [NJ]



I get roped into eating lunch at pier village very often with out of state vendors. I have to say that besides the prime burger, the best dish at mcloones is their version of a lobster roll. They call it that but it is much more like lobster Newburgh in my eyes.

It is a solid dish. I’d give it a shot one day once this tourist trap tones down a bit after labor day. It is a sherry cream sauce with mushrooms and served in a bread bowl. It is a surprise coming from this joint.


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Never thought I’d say this about anything from that overpriced tourist trap that took the place of my ancient, beloved Long Branch Amusement Pier, but that looks really good.

I do have an old and really good recipe for that sauce if anyone wants it.

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Ok good, I didn’t want to be the first person to say so! lol

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lol…yeah Vegas and I have a very torrid history. Years after this story I had an office in Vegas and over the 5 ± years of it’s operation Vegas kicked my ass. After this experience having been my first, I guess I should have expected nothing else from my subsequent Vegas trips.

My daughter just turned 21 over this past weekend, she wanted to do the weekend in Vegas but I refused. Luckily she knows better than to plan a trip like that without my attendance, so we did the weekend in NY instead, I have -0- interest in EVER visiting that town again. Vegas you win.

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Dude, I’m all for a nice lobster newburg, although I haven’t seen one in years, but this doesn’t look like a very good rendition. This looks like the Mc Donalds in Maine decided to “Super-Size” lobster newburg.


it is actually a really good dish. That is not my pic. I yanked it off google images. I honestly dont like that place but two dishes there speak to me. That is one.

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What are those brown things?

Are they mushrooms?

Is that a sub roll?

Eeuw, that is not Newburg.

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Looks like a loaf sour dough or something, looks way to heavy for my taste.

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Pepperidge Farm patty shells, or ramekins. The only way to Newburg.

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Lobster looks good though.


I didn’t say it was Newburgh lol. I just said it was a darn good dish and has sherry. And yes there are mushrooms.

The bread is top notch and pairs well with the sherry cream sauce.

Has anyone been the the chowdah house lately?

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I thought I heard it closed?

****ETA…nope looks like their facebook page is listing specials for today, my bad. False rumor!!

(No I haven’t been in a while)


On a semi-related note, am I the only one who doesn’t like mushrooms and shellfish together? I see mushrooms paired with lobster and shrimp quite frequently and I just don’t care for it at all, though I love both separately. IMO mushrooms detract hugely from the sweet fresh taste of shellfish.

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Hey, does anybody else remember the Lobster Fra Diavolo at the Grotto Azzurra in Little Italy?

That was one awesome dish. Classic 70’s cuisine.

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It was like a 3lb bug covered in this great red spicy marinara, served with a side of spaghetti, and cost maybe $ 35 which was a lot for NYC back then.

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Here’s an article from the NY times on ole Fra Diavolo:



It’s primarily a consistency thing for me.

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Mushrooms and shellfish are yucky.

No mushrooms in Fra Diavalo. It was a mess to eat, however. Really needed the bib for that one, red sauce and bits of lobster everywhere.


Has anyone tried the fra diavlo at Inlet cafe? it is a good looking dish and pretty big. I have the angry lobster at angelicas on my radar too.