Let's talk lobster [NJ]

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Tom, you have no idea…:cry:

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I’m down. Can we make it at a happy hour? If I’m going to drink I like to start early.

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That would be fine, we could/should do a late lunch at Greek Spot, then we can move on to a happy hour somewhere. (or not, whichever is fine with me. “If” I even drink…I’ve really cut back but we’ll see)


Count me in!

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I’m not sure I can tell the story in “mixed” company. :sweat:


Oh man…I need to hear this Vegas story. Remember the Vegas motto JR. “What happens in Vegas, $hit I’m telling EVERYONE” LOL

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Shop rite slippers, they were small but delicious. Sweet and briny.

Served with drawn butter, sourdough garlic bread, seizure salad.

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Hey, is that Wayne Newton holding Pierre in the ad?

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I have a few stories about Puerto Nuevo, Hussongs and Ensenada, but I’m not sure I can tell them here.


Let it ride. I believe that entire reason this forum was founded is because people were sick of the nazi moderators on chow hound. So far Im happy to report that I’ve seen nothing edited here and I’m a fan of that. It’s good to see some action on here lately too.

Have you have any vals lobster pizza lately?

I’m tempted to run to shoprite now lol. Nice pic

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Well there is one person who was already banned (several times) from the old place, who was starting shit here too. I don’t know for sure they were banned here, but after being involved in more drama here I noticed they vanished. That was addition via subtraction, I commend Sampson for whatever was done.

Other than that I concur, I’ve not witnessed much if any moderation. Great community.

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I would categorize the chow hound moderators as the politically correct police rather than Nazi. Not only that, but they’re kind of stupid. Ok really stupid. They sort of stumble over themselves trying to give a rationale for why they deleted something.

Of course CBS also promotes that simpering smirking pseudo intellectual moron Charlie Rose, so what do you expect ?

So back to topic, what is the best song ever written about lobsters?

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Rock Lobster

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2nd best lobster song?

Here’s my nomination:


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Val’s lobster pie is indeed tasty.




I like Iraq lobster lol

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Hey anybody remember Lobster Newburg? :


Used to be standard Sunday brunch fare, but I haven’t seen it much lately. Lobster chunks in a sherry cream sauce on a pepperidge farm patty shell. What’s not to like?

Anybody seen this on a menu around here?


Holy cow !!! Jr . No post or meal in our lifetime will top this story . Wow. You ate the king .


So wrong…but so funny