Let's talk lobster [NJ]


Is turning point dominating there? Their holmdel location has a wait all the time (well during the weekends at least when I have been)


So any good news on the lobster scene?

I’ve been following the Chinese new year thread from @Google_Gourmet and this is blowing my mind! His last trip to the seafood market is messing with my brain lol. I now must go seek some lobster today :slight_smile:

What do you guys prefer, coldwater (aka Maine lobster) or spiny (aka as Caribbean?)

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Cold water 100%

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Cold Water…but beware of shrinkage


Shrinkage? A good hard shell lobster will have its meat almost bursting its claws and tail. A soft shell will have a lot of room between the meat and the claws & tail. I’m not absolutely sure but what you think of as shrinkage may simply be there wasn’t a lot of meat there to begin with.

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Great episode, shrinkage, lobster poaching by Kramer, the tomato attack on George, and the baby!


Ya gotta seeeeee the baaaaaaaaaaaaby


I don’t think so, the gang almost threw up in their mouth every time they saw it.

Could it have been Rosemary’s?


Great episode! That is one of my favorites!

I’m a cold water fan too. The knuckle meat is the best!

I was looking online for a blind taste test. Does anyone have any info this? I have grown up with lobster from the north Atlantic but I’ve really become a fan of the Caribbean bugs when visiting the islands . If done right, they come out great when cooked live and not over cooked. The ones we get here all seem to be frozen.


Totally agree about the knuckle meat. I wonder how many people blow past it because it is too much “work.”


I would think most people. The cheek meat on a yellowfin and the head meat on a red snapper are also probably overlooked by most. I also love yellowtail jaw but I can’t catch those out here on the east coast.


This reminds me of a story.

My grandmother lived on Cape Cod and we spent time every summer up there. It was always a huge treat to get lobsters once a year. We ate ALL of the lobsters. The body, the tiny legs. My aunt even would eat everyone’s roe on toast. My now husband’s family invited me over for dinner for the first time I met them. They had lobsters for dinner which was incredible. I was so excited. I look up at one point, everyone is completely done (except me, I had barely started) and they are all staring at me. They were SHOCKED that anyone eats lobsters like that. I was equally shocked that they ONLY ATE THE CLAWS AND THE TAIL!!! They still tease me about it.

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A few months ago Cafe Panache had an excellent special of yellowfin tuna collar with a balsamic lemon soy reduction and it was delicious. It was crunchy on the outside with plenty of meat. You just scoop it out with a spoon.




Oh yes! People who feed me lobster on a ‘first date’ are keepers :wink:


That’s fair!! :joy: