Let's talk lobster [NJ]

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Foodtown will survive because they are the only “real” option of the peninsula. Acme I hope get’s completely knocked out and maybe a Wegmans or Whole Foods moves into the spot. Then we will have excellent local options.

FYI has anyone been to the liquor store in the Acme / Wow plaza? His prices have always sucked and I rarely go there but both times in the last 6 mos. I stopped in for something the shelves are half bare. Don’t know what’s going on but they aren’t carrying much inventory at all.

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Foodtown deli bakery and butcher plus booze will prob be enough acme can burn for all I care. Wegmans is coming to Middletown so we’ll be stuck in between 2 now.
None of the liquor stores around here are really any good. Usually go to sams club Costco or bottle king to stock up sometime Trader Joe’s Princeton. But that one in particular was the worst of the bunch locally which is saying something. Guessing scratch offs and cigarettes are only profit center for them. Wonder if they are going to give up the ghost. Reminded me of a hood bodega setup. That whole. Plaza other than sonic and the gym seems to be sinking. I wonder if kanji is suffering as well?

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Well I like to go to Circus Liquors in Red Bank, and also Wegman’s down in Ocean has great prices. I didn’t know Wegmans was coming to Middletown so I don’t know what might take the place of Acme if (God willing) they close.

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Agree circus on Newman springs is best in immediate area.
You’ve given me a good task here. Beginning to ponder what would work over in that acme spot.

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My vote is Whole Foods, although I’m not really a big fan, I think there are bigger things to come from the brand since Amazon bought them. (yes I want my prime steaks drone delivered to my home within 5 mins of ordering from the app)


And with Trader Joe’s and (soon) Lidl in the area, WF makes sense!

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Fairway is another great supermarket, just below the level of a Wegmans. They have great produce, fish, meats, deli, fresh ground coffee, tons of different olive oils, etc., but they are not full service. They have like one aisle for medicine. They are mainly known for food.


Does anyone know why ShopRite continues the $6/lb lobsters sale for such a prolonged period? I’m not complaining that NJ prices are better than Maine (jacked tourist prices). There must be a big surplus for these new shells even though the ones I picked up over the weekend had large hard claws. I steamed them this time and made the lobster sauce afterwards which works well if you don’t want to hack live lobsters:yum:

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While I don’t know why, I’ve noticed this trend over at least the past 5 years now. Shop Rite mid/late summer always seem to be running these sales, this year we went from $6.95 to $5.95lbs maybe two years ago we were down to $4.95lbs, I’m still waiting for that price this year!

So while I don’t know why, it certainly does seem to be part of their business plan.


Supply vs demand, you’re correct. This is the time when the fisherman catch the most lobster so prices get driven down. Shop rite is smart too. They lure customers in with low prices and it turn, people buy other things once they walk in.

Walmart does the same thing with tvs. They lose money on black Friday to bring people into the store. Amazon loses money on a lot of stuff too. Don’t ask me how I know :confused:


Some shoprite tin cans over the weekend…

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Why am I having deja-vu? (didn’t you post the bug gang bang pic yesterday???)


Yes sir. I think that was in the cooking thread. Don’t mind me, I’m off and kind of bored today. Too hot to do much but swim.

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No mind at all, just want to make sure I’m not losing it. You know what they say, the mind is the second thing to go…I don’t remember the first.


The prices at the liquor store in Acme/WOW plaza have always been OOC. Same folks own the liquor stores in the Marshalls plaza and in the Trader Joe’s plaza. I used to wait for the Wednesday sale ads and would find that they pulled all of the sale items from the shelves! I stopped frequenting all of them unless it’s a dire emergy (for example, early post Sandy days).


I may or may not work at a big box retailer where tv’s and computers are sold at or below employee cost. The money is made on hdmi, ethernet cables, installs, and in house credit cards.

I did eat two 7.99 lb lobsters on buttered fresh flour tortillas, a good price for Houston, supplemented with blue crabs from H Mart.


Has anyone been to Luke’s lobster yet and tried the lobster rolls? Someone from San Fran just posted that this chain is coming to the west coast. I would hope it is good if they are reaching out to CA.


Luke’s Lobster at Pier Village is gone. Turning Point and Playa Bowl always seem busy on weekends. Lobster rolls may not be a big draw especially after summer season.

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Interesting, I guess two seasons was enough. That’s also strike two for their NJ locations, I think they closed their Hoboken location prior to opening Long Branch.


Jr they have a 22Oz tail on the bahrs menu…sounds interesting. 65 bucks