Let's talk lobster [NJ]


Mrs p lobster fest! Hot damn, that looks like another winner. Are any lobster rolls on the menu soon?

(Eli Paryzer) #312

Thanks cj. No lobster rolls on the menu🙂


I sometimes put it in a creole sauce but it takes extreme willpower not to eat every tasty bite so extras are necessary as I pick the crabs.

My cousin doesn’t cook and she and her stopped by one day and I fed him a serving and he said it was the best thing he’d ever eaten. It is really good but the poor lad is deprived of any home cooking.

Oysters are good in the sauce as well.


I am in awe of Mrs. P’s meals! And pretty envious that you get to enjoy :slight_smile: Is she self taught or did she learn to cook somewhere?

(Eli Paryzer) #315

Thanks Gracie :blush: I’m in awe of her cooking as well. She is self taught. Her mother was a lousy cook :grinning:


Ha! That’s pretty good motivation! If you ever need a new taster, I can free up my calendar haha!

(Eli Paryzer) #317

Maybe after I gain 10 more pounds :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Lusty Lobster has lobster claws on sale: 5 LBs for $30.


Thanks for the info. Do they include the knuckle?

(Junior) #320

Wow…wish I was driving in Maine today!! I wonder why if the lobsters were still alive they couldn’t sell them. Similar thing happened to my neighbor who is a diesel mechanic, a full Shop Right truck broke down and was towed to his shop, full. Even though things didn’t defrost the company wouldn’t allow the food to be sold so they let everyone take what they wanted, for free!! My neighbor who dives a dually truck came home with the double cab and bed overflowing with food. It was pretty funny.

(Mr met) #321

I know some people heee have mentioned buying lobsters at ShopRite and having them stream them for you. Can anyone walk me through he process?

(Junior) #322

Walk up to the seafood counter, tell them how many you want, ask them to steam them for you. (never did a larger order so maybe call in advance) If they are busy they might ask you to finish your shopping and come back.

(Dan) #323

I went to SR at 10pm and had my pick , the attendant put five large lobsters in a bag but the steamer was off for the night so I steamed them one by one at home.
Kept the bugs in the bag on ice as I went. Nice meat.

(Dan) #324

We drove to PV just for this deal. Thanks for the heads up.

(Eli Paryzer) #325

At Fairway I have them steam AND crack the lobsters :blush: It usually takes about 15 minutes, so I go about shopping, and come back. I give them a $5 tip for being nice enough to crack them.

(Mr met) #326

Awesome sounds easy enough. Looking to try homemade lobster rolls. Any preference to which location of SR is better locally?


Middletown and west long branch are both good. Middletown is larger.

(Mr met) #328

Ty sir. Extremely excited for this. Will report back here soon on this. Haven’t had a lobster roll yet this summer. Will grab some carton this town and enjoy life

(Junior) #329

Also I sometimes go to Neptune which is like Middletown. Can’t wait for the Shrewsbury Shop Rite to open and hopefully knock out Acme! FYI Shop Rite also has a very impressive cigar selection, with many excellent lower priced cigars. They undercut any cigar shop(s) in the area and I have become a big fan of some of their $4.00 and below brands.

(Mr met) #330

I think the upcoming Shrewsbury ShopRite will be a massive hit. I foresee that place being mobbed from the jump. Foodtown and particularly acme should be worried and already stepping up there game which of course they are not.