Let's talk lobster [NJ]

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Hmmm that too. Decisions, decisions. :smiley:

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Okay, so here is my post from my “Lobsterfest” last night (rather than in the “What’s Cooking?” thread).

Homemade potato chips. They tasted remarkably similar to the ones I get in Portuguese restaurants.

Yes, that is the meat from 3 lobsters. Broke it up and heated with some butter, salt, pepper, parsley, paprika, and mayo (I did what you said @corvette_johnny and it definitely helped the mixture stay moist). Unfortunately, ran out of Old Bay seasoning. Next time @paryzer. :slight_smile:

Rather than sautee shrimp on the side, I decided to fry them instead. Panko, salt, pepper. Crunchy and delicious, with homemade cocktail sauce.

The finished product. We had three people and three lobsters. Ended up getting exactly two decently stuffed lobster rolls per person. Now, these top-cut buns were not enormous, but they did the job. Used Pepperidge Farm.

We started out the night with Gin & Tonics, but moved on to some Chianti (Santa Silvana) which went very well with this meal. I know most people prefer white wine with seafood, but this Chianti goes down too easy.


Looking good Greg! I bet the fried potato went well with the lobster and shrimp. You can’t go wrong there. Sometimes keeping it simple is the way to go.

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I needed light and crispy chips to combat the richness of the lobster/butter.

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Went back to Shop Rite yesterday and picked up three more lobsters for lobster rolls. However, I made a bisque out of the shells and scraps. Was watching one of Jacques Pepin’s older shows the night before (Fast Food My Way) and I tried to copy him as best as I could from memory. It was a loose, broth-like bisque but I actually enjoyed it better than the cream-based ones which are so heavy.


Heated the shells and scraps in extra virgin olive oil until they started to brown (took a while), then added chunks of onion, whole garlic cloves, fresh parsley, paprika, salt, and pepper. Let that cook for about 10 more minutes. After that, squeezed in some tomato paste and two cans of chicken broth. Brought it to a boil and let it cook that way for about 30 minutes. Then I strained it and stirred in some milk (it slipped my mind that I needed heavy cream). Overall, a decent soup that cost almost nothing to make.



I’ll be honest, I’m not a bisque guy. Like you, I find them just too rich and heavy. I’ll do it sometimes but generally I won’t order it. This looks like a good alternative. Thanks for sharing.

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Looks fantastic!


Now that ShopRite has extended $7@lb sale I’ve been buying them almost every weekend. If you want to be adventurous and not simply steam them, I do Lobster Cantonese at least once a year. It is a bit of work and not for the squeamish. It is messy and involves hacking lobster which is still squirming after chopped into parts. The best part is the rich egg, ground pork, ginger, scallion, fermented black bean sauce that finishes this dish. Most normal people will leave this task to restaurants.


Definitely need some pics!

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Fairway has lobster on sale for $5.99 a pound this week. I also got an email coupon for $10 off of $50.


Nice! Is Mrs P going to be cooking something up? :smile:

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I think we are going to be having lobster all week :grin: We have a Fairway 5 minutes away from us in Woodland Park.


That sounds like a plan! Are there any bigger than a pound?

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The max is 1 1/4 pounds for the sale.


I figured that much, but I’m not familiar with this place so I wanted to ask.

So what is going to be on the menu this week? :slight_smile:

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Lobster and more lobster :grin:


Definitely get us some pics!

On the lobster topic, do any NJ places do crawfish in the shell? I’ve only had them served like that a few times. I’d like to get into some of those little buggers

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You can get them by the pound or in combinations with other items in Dunnellen:

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I picked up two whole lobsters from ShopRite this morning. Steamed and cleaned them at home. Chilled for half hour and make a quick lobster salad. I have had better but there was plenty of meat.

Im looking foward to the lobster pizza at Vals Tavern tonight alot more.

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Picked up a dozen bugs and a tomahawk and porterhouse to balance it out.