Let's talk lobster [NJ]


Yum! Make sure we get some good pics! I kind of gave up on lobster rolls this year. I didn’t make it to Maine this summer and I miss them.

(Mr met) #252

I usually settle for CT rolls. Are you mayo or butter kinda guy?



(Joon) #254

I think this is the first year we are not seeing $6 lobsters any more… I guess those days are behind us. Thanks inflation.

(Greg Caggiano) #255

I usually wait for the Shop Rite sales. A couple times a year they go down to like $8.99 a pound.


Those days appear to be gone. 6.99 for tin cans but they had good flavor. Shop rite

This lobster “not roll” was really good! Yes, no rolls so I had to make do. To be honsest, white bread worked really well. It was a little messy with the extra butter.

(Junior) #257

No pics but I picked up 8 at Shop Rite tonight for $6.99lbs!!


I think I might go get more tomorrow and do lobster rolls again

(Kathy S. ) #259

Your FIL killed Pierre. :open_mouth:


Strike while the iron is hot.

(Greg Caggiano) #261

Heading over to Shop Rite now. Changed dinner plans around so we can do lobstah tonight.


What time is dinner Greg? Lol. Any idea on how you plan to prepare them?

I think I’m doing more lobster tonight and might make it a seafood trifecta or quad! Crabs, lobster , shrimp and some fresh fluke. I just need to get lobster. We got 22 crab today in hot conditions with no wind. Take a look at these beauties! … big males today and those are some monsters. Not good fishing but it will be an awesome snack today.

Pics coming in a few…

(Greg Caggiano) #263

Got my lobsters ordered and steamed. Also picked up a pack of top-cut hot dog rolls. Going to give them a try for lobster rolls. Kind of small but worth a shot. I’ll probably need 5 to fill me.

Going to be served with street style corn on the cob and homemade potato chips.

(Greg Caggiano) #264

Also doing garlic butter shrimp on the side…


Beer can for size reference.


I actually got some nice meat out of a single. I think two would be pushing it. Probably 1.5 per roll would be on the money but obviously it is subjective :slight_smile:

(Greg Caggiano) #267

Here they are. Look at these beauties.


The plan is to pull all the meat out of them tonight and give them a quick toss in some melted butter, salt, and pepper before packing them into the rolls and sprinkling with a little fresh parsley.


Nice! I keep it simple too. I put maybe a table spoon of mayo for each lobster…very little. It just adds a tad bit of moisture. I am not even a mayo fan but in a lobster roll it works for me. Then I pour melted butter over the meat and it soaks into the roll. Salt, pepper and a little paprika for color on top.

Ps, make sure to get the knuckle meat. That’s the best part of the lobster! These are soft and you can just use scissors cut them open. You probably know this but just reminding a fellow lobster fan

(Greg Caggiano) #269

Not a fan of mayo either. I’m weird with it. Like, I enjoy it on a BLT or spread very lightly on a sub with oil and vinegar. But for this, maybe I’ll add a little bit like you do. Paprika for color is a good idea as well.

Ah the knuckles…I will tear these babies apart like a tornado to get every morsel of meat I can find. :smiley:

(Eli Paryzer) #270

A little old bay seasoning mixed with melted butter doesn’t hurt either :wink: Old bay goes very well with Lobster and crab.