Let's talk lobster [NJ]


Been to several Luke’s locations. Nice local addition especially since a good local lobster roll is tough to find, unless you find yourself in Pt. Pleasant.


To celebrate the unofficial start to summer, the wife and I ventured to Point Lobster Co. in Pt. Pleasant over Memorial Day Weekend. One lobster roll with fries, one lobster roll without fries, two fountain drinks, tip and $53 later we were munching down on some of the best Connecticut style lobster rolls around. As lobster roll afficianados, we are planning our next rounds of lobster rolls to come from Red’s in Point, The Boondocks in Red Bank, and the newly opened Luke’s in Pier Village.

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Very interested to hear thoughts on Luke’s. Very excited for potential there


Like Mets fan, I’m all ears on lukes. Let’s hear it from someone soon. Unfortunately I tend to shy away from summer spots on the shore. However, I will give 2nd jetty another chance soon. They had a loaded up roll that I want to try again soon with some slight alterations.

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agreed- it’s unfortunately time to avoid anything from Atlantic highlands to Asbury for the next 90 days…good times…


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It’s about time we bounce this topic up, Shoprite has bugs for 6.99lbs going down to 5.99lbs next week!! Time to stock up! I’m getting a dozen tonight!!


We don’t grow lobsters here. What is the normal season for East Coast lobster?

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[quote=“jsfein, post:222, topic:6000”] Point Lobster Co. in Pt. Pleasant over Memorial Day Weekend. …we were munching down on some of the best Connecticut style lobster rolls around.

Went with a friend for lunch yesterday, at $ 16.99 per roll it is spendy, but good.

We took our rolls out to the channel to watch the antics there. It’s like the Boatniks this time of year.

So many people doing stupid stuff, including anchoring the boat in the channel and fishing.


So any good lobster dishes lately folks?

The last roll I had was at 2nd jetty and it definitely went downhill from the first time I was there, which was one of this first nights they were open.

Has anyone tried Luke’s in pier village? Now that it’s local summer I’ll head over there soon and give one a whirl.


Bumping this up.

3lb stuffed last night…beautiful specimen and rock hard. In fact I had to bash the claw in to even crack it.

1.5 lb stuffed but thermidor style with Chipotle cream sauce

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Your not going to tell us where you got these beauties?


Ah sorry…my mistake. I think I am still in a food coma from fornos last night. The mexican style one was from Chilangos a few days ago. It was ok…I figured I would try something different as Ive never had a chipotle thermidor lobster.


I suspect a bit over powering and I love chipotles

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I mentioned this restaurant in another thread, but Portuguese Manor in Perth Amboy does a great lobster special. I cannot for the life of me remember the price, but it’s not bad. The seafood stews also make use of langoustine.


For a surprise, Nonna’s in Englishtown does a decadent lobster mac and cheese. My mom loves it when we go as a family. He facial expressions say it all.

Other than that, I live right by a Shop Rite. Every once in a while, their lobsters will drop to $7.99 a pound. It is not often, but when it does, the price usually holds for a week before going up to the usual $11.99.


This thread is rather long, but shop rite has some good summer specials if you scroll back in time… even below that price. I think they get down to 4.99 for the tiny ones but they are still tasty. Last year I don’t think I recall getting any great deals, but a few members on here did I think.


We have no East Coast lobster in California this winter. The markets have no lobster at all. Is it a bad season?


Bumping this up. Did you ever find out your answer?

Last night I had a nice stuffed tail…lots of crab meat which you can’t see buried underneath. For 32 bucks it was a solid meal for the southern NJ hemisphere. Captains inn, forked river NJ. And yes, that butter lasted me about a minute and I got a lot more :slight_smile: I put butter on everything and think I ate the wet nap too.

They had no decent sized bugs so I went with this. The waitress was trying to pitch 2 1.5 pounders on a plate but declined. I told her I wanted something 2.5 or more and they didn’t have anything.


Well Jr’s materpiece of a seafood platter inspired me to go out last night for some seafood. The inlet cafe has the “inlet assortment” for 32 I think. You get some shrimp, scallops, and fish in a dish served with a butter sauce. You also get 2 stuffed clams, half a broiled lobster, garlic mashed potato, mixed veggies and drawn butter. The lobster is good, not tin cans…nice and hard.

The weather could not have been nicer and I didn’t get one mosquito bite. I asked the waitress for a heavy handed rum bucket and the bartender came through. I tanked two of those bad boys. Overall it was a nice night.


$7/lb for New Shells at Shop Rite 7/29 - 8/4. I see some lobster rolls in my near future!!