Let's talk lobster [NJ]

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I beg to differ with you:


Yeah mine were decent for the money. Has anyone been to Harrys lobster house? Im not sure when, but it opened back up. It always seems dead there.

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I know the guy who runs it. He used to swim at the Red Bank Y. Ironically I think his name is Lou.

My impression is that he caters to a limited number of well off and slightly older regulars (read NYC money people) who kind of keep him afloat, especially during the summer. He owns the building , and the food there is not cheap, so a handful of good covers a night may be all he needs. He keeps talking about cashing in and moving to Florida, that location with the license has to be worth a couple mil.

And… as noted…they have a liquor license.

The food at Harry’s is a little better than average for the Rumson/Sea Bright Area, but then there’s not a lot of competition there. I’d say Anjelica’s is a little better, What’s Your Beef is a quaint tribute to yesteryear, and Salt Creek and Undici are way worse. And Bahrs just blows when it comes to lobster.


Now THIS is a lobstah!

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I’d eat him!!! Well as my story above validates I guess I already hate his cold water cousin!!



Is the boondocks place still open in red bank?

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They have abandoned their website, but according to their Facebook page they are closed for the season until May of next year:


Wow…may. I would figure they would try to get some April business but maybe the market prices of lobster in may doesn’t quite work out.

I want to try the Thursday night lobster at beach tavern served with old bay fries. $22

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I’m thinking point lobster co for the lobster roll now all the turistas are gone.

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The seafood tower I had at the American Hotel (in the NJ Steak thread) served a half chilled lobster. The tail meat was de-shelled and the body and tail cavity were stuffed with lobster salad. First time I’ve ever seen this on a cold seafood tower and it was very nice!!

I’ve been meaning to go to the Manor and hit up their lobster/seafood buffet. It was a favorite place of my mother and I would like to visit it again in her memory, plus last time I was there the lobster was still unlimited!!! (plus the shrimp the oysters!!) I have no idea what they are charging these days…but I’m going to have to find out soon.


@NotJrvedivici I just checked and it’s 72.95 now for the lobster buffet…kind of steep but then again nothing is cheap now. For that price I think I’d rather hit Spain or Fernandes and get a nice stuffed hardshell bug.

Has anyone been to plataforma lately?

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That sounds about right, thank you. I’m going to take the trip sometime this upcoming holiday season, toast to mom and indulge.


That sounds like an awesome plan bud!

Do they serve them whole?

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Halved and broiled, however as of my last time there it was truly unlimited so you could go to town on them. They have an awesom raw bar too with shrimp, oysters , clams and crab claws if I remember correctly. It’s a hell of a spread with over a dozen hot entree’s including fresh carved prime rib!


I prefer them broiled…sounds great. I have a holiday dinner coming up with a vendor in December. I’m wondering if I should try this place. So if money isn’t an issue, what is your pick jr?

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The Manor buffet is certainly something to be experienced however it’s far more sentimental for me than for the actual food.

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For those that have access, Restaurant Depot has “new shell” lobsters for $5.99 lb.

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My only cruise was a three-day from L.A. To Ensenada (I said “I think we could drive there from here in seven hours!”) and I REALLY enjoyed the few hours we were docked at Ensenada. I’m a lover of Mexico, and would really enjoy getting to know Ensenada much better. Thanks for that idea- our30th anniversary is coming up…


Take a look at this guys! I could definitely go for a lobster roll right now. Has anyone been to Lukes?

I am sad to see it is in pier village but between this place and the ramen house, maybe things are looking better now.