Let's talk crab

(Lamb Owner) #121

Holy mackerel that’s one ugly bug.


Well crabbing was off last night. However, if anyone is in the mood, dungies are on sale at shoprite. I just tanked a few. So good! I love those things. I have some heaps crab shell blackfish chum ready for the season :slight_smile:


I saw those yesterday, my favorites … but I only eat them when I’m in CA

(Eat Me !) #124

Yes they are !!! Dungies = Delishus !!!

Dungeness Crab feeds are a big deal in Washington State when these first come into season in March.

For some reason, they are really popular with local Democratic Party organizations.

Comments about you are what you eat have naturally therefore been self censored from this post.

(Tom T) #125

I got the itch to get some last week.
With apologies to that Nobu guy. Tog, ponzu, jalapeno, lime.


Nice…how did that come out Tom?



That’s what I’m talking about! Giant King Crab Legs.

(Tom T) #128

If you are a raw fish guy, tog and black seabass are hard to beat. I enjoy it.


So has anyone been into any good crab or crab cakes lately? I had some cakes at Harborside tonight and these were actually pretty decent for an 11 dollar app. They weren’t incredible but for 11 bucks I thought they were pretty decent. Calamari was rubbery as hell :confused: