Let's talk crab [NJ]


I know there is a place on 37 before the bridge. They are expensive. Have you ever tried catching them?

I just got back and got about 20. That monster female was released with all other females.

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Nice boat!

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I’ve never been here but they’re very popular and I know they have blue claws on the menu. It’s on the mainland right near the bridge to LBI.



It is not mine but I can use it whenever and it’s free…so it’s even better!

An afternoon snack

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Awesome Johnny!

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The best boat ever built. Smart purchase!


jc here cj checking in from the Texas Gulf coast. We both share a love of blue crab but almost everyone down here have eschewed them in favor of crawfish because crabs are “too much work.” Huh. Then there’s the camp that think crawfish are too much work, let alone crab.

Blue crabs and sunsets still rule at Stingaree Restaurant a ferry ride away from Galveston. This place was flattened by a 20 foot storm surge and 100 mph winds during Hurricane Ike in 2008.

Crab porn:



Nice! Fried BBQ crab. Have you had those?

I think I would be eating crawdads every week if I could get them here. Those things are tasty!


The Texas gulf and Galveston are where I first fell in love with crab. We would visit aunt and uncle every summer and Aunt Helen would take us out on the sloughs and docks and we tied string to hunks of meat or suet. Haul em right up and take the mess of them back and boil away. :slight_smile:
I would have been say 5-10 during those times . Love our Dungeness crab here in the PNW.


I’ve had them only a handful of times at Stingaree due to the ferry factor wait but many times at Benno’s in Galveston since the late 80’s and they are delicious.

The Wifeacita and I are planning a fall seafood safari Texas style starting in Surfside for fried shrimp and oysters at Red Snapper Inn, heading Northeast following the coast to Benno’s for blackened oysters, fried oysters, crab, and whole fried catfish. These are all the best items on the menu.

We’ll also do a trip on the ferry to Bolivar and Stingaree for more crabs.



Galveston, uncle, crabs brings back a vivid memory. I live in Houston 50 miles from the Gulf and my aunt, uncle, and cousins would visit and we always went to the beach.

My uncle had a seine, a net with poles on each end and we dragged a tidal pool behind the dunes and got a mess of at least 20 scurrying along the beach trying to save their soon to be short lives. We’re throwing them in the ice chest as quickly as possible when I got careless and a big male reached under and got me half way through a finger and all the way through the nail.

Ouch, ouch plus, ouch plus blood. My uncle showed me how to pick them up by the back fin, I toughed it out and we got 'em all secured.

Real true crab story number two:

My brother and a friend were down from Central Texas and crabbing was in order. I was elected driver by default despite a raging fever.

We went to Galveston, Fort Travis on Bolivar and loaded two 48 quart ice chests full of crabs caught on chicken necks wading out in the Gulf.

We got back to Houston and I took a lengthy nap and my brother, our friend and his wife wiped out both ice chests leaving me one crab when I woke up.

I could’ve been mad but I wasn’t hungry at all.


Wow, that’s a lot of crab for three people.

I’m not sure if this is the case, but I can’t stand when people will bust open the claws and then only eat the jumbo lump leg meat. I see so many people leave the entire body and knuckles…pisses me off.

That seafood road trip sounds killer! Make sure to snap some pics so I can be jealous lol


Can you catch any dungies near your house? I love those things! My dream crab is a dungie filled with blue claw meat


I’m inland 75 miles between the Coast range and the Cascades along the Rogue, so no.
We get them fresh though! :slight_smile:


I can assure you this is not the case. My friend mentored me on getting a good “picker,” a half of a claw meant to get every piece of meat out of the body.

He had a large family to feed and could live off the land with everything that flew, roamed the earth, or swam without an ounce wasted.


I introduced the Wifeacita to the joys and wonders of Texas Gulf Coast seafood particularly oysters and crab and there is nobody better at getting every last shred of meat out of a blue crab/crabs.


These are excellent! Sweet, large (6/9 legs per 10#) and not too salty.

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For all my crabbing (not crabby…that would be too many of you) friends, be careful out there!!!



Good stuff! That is the way to do it.

My uncle kept 38 males today…not bad. It was beautiful out today so I’m jealous 2× LOL

Jr, I’m not even going to read that. I saw it and never opened it in my phone the other day. Are you trying to freak us out? :):grin:


Which ones are you referring to?