Let's talk crab [NJ]


Judge was feeling especially crabby that session.



We had something similar in Texas but the guy got class c misdemeanors which is like a traffic ticket, a bunch of them but no jail time. Yes it seems excessive.

A pet peeve of mine is when somebody shoots at a person, misses and gets off lightly for being a bad shot.



This guy was 75 and got jail time, this puts holes in my plan of knocking over a few banks and dealing drugs when I get to that age and getting off free because I have no criminal record.


DARN! And it sounded like a rock solid retirement plan, too!

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Never give up on your dreams !!!

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First Ho’down road trip? @corvette_johnny fire up the vette we are heading west!!!



I don’t even know what to say. Chicago has some rockin food! This place looks like a ton a fun.

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$69 is pretty hard to believe, no idea where they are sourcing it from to still be making a profit.


We had a place in Houston that had all you can eat lobster plus grilled mahi and boiled shrimp.

I maxed out at five plus the other stuff.

This was about fifteen years ago at the bargain price of 45 dollars.

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The only place in NJ that I know of with a lobster buffet is the Manor in West Orange. It’s a top notch buffet they have been putting out for 40+ years on Friday nights. It isn’t a bargain at last I checked I think it was $65 or $75 per person.