Let's talk crab [NJ]


LeSabre? They were half tank half living room.


Lol. Do you guys do anything with the eaten crab? We put them to good use.

We pulverize them with a bat in a bucket. It works a few ways…I think I mentioned this but

A) you fill a killie trap up and catch fluke bait. Once you get the fluke, you have racks that you can use as more crab bait.
B) same with tuna. You use the crushed crab and seine for spearing which is used as tuna chum. Then once you get tuna racks you use those as more crab bait.
C) then you can use it as eel bait. You get the eels and use them for striper bait or trade for Chinese food. If you get bass, you use the racks for more crab bait. This is later in the season. And if you freeze it and get eels later in the season, the Italians like them near xmas.

D) if nothing else I dump them around my traps at the dock and it isn’t hurting anything. My theory is that the mushed up crab brings in bait fish and in turn will bring in crab but who knows. This is the last resort. I never want to put eaten crab in the garbage.

So the eaten crab bodies serve a few purposes :wink:


I had a girlfriend that had a Buick Skylark of roughly the same vintage. We went camping up by Austin and it poured both nights, and while it wasn’t a half tank it became a de facto bedroom, if you know what I mean.


Why no, I haven’t the faintest idea what you mean :thinking: :roll_eyes:, was the skylark a behemoth too … I think the Electra may have been the longest model but I still think the LeSabre beat it width wise.


Quite the contrary, although it was a four door it was quite cozy. We’d spend a little time in the front bedroom and a little in the back the next night and ahem, when were finished talking we’d retreat to our separate beds.

That Skylark has more stories but I’ll leave it at that.

No crabs were involved, she wasn’t an outdoors type so we never went crabbing but there were lots of trips to the beach, sun, sand, and water.

Most of the millennials don’t do the beach, I think they wouldn’t even see the water due to nonstop texting.


Some crab cakes from my favorite chef

Eli knows who this is :smile:


[quote=“corvette_johnny, post:307, topic:6275”]
my favorite chef


Bob isn’t a chef (as far as I know) but he knows more about the restaurant industry and food in general than most people forgot about. I’m sure he could run circles around some of these joints locally.

I’ve had the pleasure to dine with him several times.


I know he knows his way around a hunk of cow and allegedly some vodka.

Like I said somewhere else just a bit of a stalker.

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Looking good cj. You have to try Drew’s crawfish cakes with his spicy aioli.


We have shared some some Martinis. This man lives well and we both show some love for steak :slight_smile:


I will have to try this. After the Nashville chicken I’m not sure if I want to experiment. Lol

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Those look amazing

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Hey Now !! I resemble these remarks!! Although I"m not a chef I’ve spent my share of time behind the line. Yes, I do enjoy an occasional hunk of cow washed down by a clear liquid beverage. So since I"m not the chef of the crab cakes who was @corvette_johnny ? Drew’s from Keyport, is that correct?


Yes sir! My buddy’s dish.

It’s funny. I went to a Christmas party at the rum runner the other night. My coworker, who came to Drews for the first time a few nights before says to me “this food sucks after going to drews”

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I feel like an angel got his wings after reading that…lol


This dude is a big boy! He can eat like you wouldn’t believe. He housed everything, including sopping up all sauces with the bread. I think you could have taken the dishes off our table and used them as clean plates lol. Good times. I’m hoping we can get a hodown going soon.


Wow, this is interesting. I bet there are a bunch of people doing this but this guy got busted. @jcostiones. Is it me or does an almost 4 year sentence seem pretty stiff when people that commit violent crimes are getting off with a slap on the wrist? I’m not saying what he did was right but I’m not sure 4 years in jail is the right punishment.

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People have gotten less years for killing someone.

He did wrong, but yet another example of how outrageous our justice system can be.

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“Fraud, federal prison” or Club Fed. Can’t really compare to criminal courts so violent criminals aren’t being sentenced here unless all they could do is get them on tax evasion. Lol