Let's introduce ourselves and get to know one another better

Hi Edward - welcome to HO. Lots of great threads and topics on these boards. If you love cooking, there’s a “What’s for Dinner” thread each month - here’s the June thread. These threads can be up to 600-800 posts, because it’s not just what we had to eat - there’s lots of chit-chat back and forth, as if we’re sitting around a big (VERY big!) dining room table. LOTS of creative, great ideas you can get from your fellow home cooks:

If you like to BBQ, there’s a thread for 2024 here: Barbecue 2024--What Are You Cooking?

I suggest you wander around HO and see what strikes your fancy and jump in!


Welcome! I am in N. Cal. Sunset 9…for now.

One of this years food gardening threads .


Hello everyone, I am new here. Thanks

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Welcome, Max. Are there topics that are of particular interest to you?


@E.Guerra Welcome.

Who and how many do you usually cook for, and what kinds of dishes or cuisines have you been enjoying cooking since you started?

And another AI bites the dust :joy:


They are insistent little buggers, aren’t they?

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I’m a badger for life, but have lived in Ecuador and Mexico in the past. Then, I came back to Wisconsin. I’m west central, coulee region. La Crosse is great town, but a tad limited on some things food. Hope you enjoy staying in our faire state. MN has a better state fair, though.

I’ve had similar empanada experiences. So many of my Latino food memories are tied to empanadas and tamales.

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I’m glad we have youth like you to sniff 'em out. I had no idea. I’m good at clueless, though. Sometimes good thing, sometimes bad.

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I’m in Florida

Just finished coffee :slight_smile:

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Howdie. Looks like you have your own site featuring vegan and GF recipes.

You’ll feel right at home here, and thx for contributing!

thanks @linguafood can’t wait to browse your site!

Where in FL? Theres a (very) few of us here…

I’m in Florida

Welcome! I’m also in Florida— Palm Coast. What part of Florida are you in?

And I spend as much of the winter in Florida as I can — Marco island, key west, or singer island. Welcome aboard!

Welcome! Hope you are being spared the weather situation. I live in California, but am visiting Dallas this week!

Here’s a link to one of the garden threads…

Welcome! You’ll enjoy our home cooking and gardening boards. Not sure how busy the regional TX board is.

Sincere wishes for those along the Gulf Coast. One of my team lost his house yesterday courtesy of a neighbor’s tree.

I saw a video of an extremely large tree splitting a house in two as it fell right through the middle of the house. So devastating.

And it had weakened before it came ashore

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