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If I knew. She doesn’t tell anyone.


Thanks to everyone. I’m actually looking for some advice. I cannot put a link here, but you can find my thread on this forum. I called it Party on it’s way

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Can you copy and paste it ?


Press on your title to copy “Party On it’s way” then paste it here.

Thank you @Olunia,
I tried, but the system said I’m not allowed to do that. Probably because I joined recently

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@Jofer Truly it was my pleasure.

There are some restrictions, at the beginning, for new users to avoid spamming.

I wish you all the best and a very successful party.



Correct. The environment here tries to avoid spambots by requiring someone to be around for a short while (2 weeks, IIRC) plus posting innocuously (at least no spam) during that time, before making them a “member”. This prevents a spambot from signing up, going dormant for 2 weeks, then waking up and spamming a bunch of links.

  1. West central Wisconsin (La Crosse area)

  2. Anything home cooking.

  3. Langostinos on the coast of Ecuador.

  4. I work with both kids and inmates (rarely one in the same), so I’ll interject things about schools and jails. Hopefully more uplifting than depressing.


DaBadger, Just the man I wanted! We’l be spending a day or so each inn Madison and St. Paul/Minneapolis soon and I’m eager for dining suggestions in those cities and along 94. Local specialties appreciated. we’ll also be visiting Bismark, Pierre, Des Moines, Bettendorf, and Milwaukee. Breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and ice cream along the way all are appreciated.

I was thinking why Scottsdale sounds familiar when someone mentioned it here. Why did I forget that one of my friends is from there, lol. He’s a property agent.

I lived in Scottsdale from 85-89 when we finally escaped to green Oregon :cat: from brown Arizona.

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Hi all!

  1. Currently in Wisconsin but I grew up outside of Seattle and have lived up and down the west coast (Bellingham, WA, Healdsburg, CA, Hood River, OR). In 2018 we moved east for the first time to Vermont and then in 2021 made the move to Wisconsin. As much as I enjoy experiencing new places, at my core I will always be a west coast girl.
  2. The food of Hawaii
  3. Eating empanadas and drinking cold beer in a little open air bar along the Mopan River in Guatemala.
  4. I lost my appetite for red meat. It happened a couple of years ago and it just hasn’t come back.

Welcome @EllaSweet ! Hope you enjoy exploring our little corner of the food world. I think it’s varied enough that you’re bound to find some boards\threads of interest.



I’ve been there! I’m in Solano County and we often hang out in Napa County.

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Welcome @EllaSweet! Looking forward to your posts. I’m up here in the Puget Sound area, and though I’ve lived in a lot of other places, this is home now, 31 years & yes a West Coastie.

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Hi Elizabeth,

I’ve now been in SOCAL for a long time, but I was born just across the border from Wisconsin–and this time of the year should just about be paradise there. Instead of empanadas, try pasties with your cold beer, and do a little canoeing . . .

Just visited with a friend who got back from Hawaii–and brought me one of those shirts and macadamia chocolates to prove it.

Hope you enjoy it here.


Welcome to the forums. Hope you would enjoy the company.

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Welcome to HO! You’re in my neck of the woods. I’m going to tag you in my post seeking interest for a get together up here sometime…

Hometown! Ding ding! We’ve lived here 15 yrs, from SoCal. Welcome to HO!

Hi everyone!

  1. I’m currently living in the UK.

  2. Absolutely anything food related. One of my biggest passions is learning about food from all over the world so that’s a big one. I also love to bake as much as cook.

  3. Hard to say but I’m going to go with going out for sushi for the first time with my now fiance for my birthday. It was an amazing experience with chef’s treats between courses and I tried sake then for the first time. I’d gladly go again but it was an expensive treat.

  4. I’m originally from Eastern Europe and adore travelling and trying new foods in new places.