Let's introduce ourselves and get to know one another better

New guy thinks he can come @ me and @NotJrvedivici?? Some nerve! :laughing:

@AndrewMalecki welcome and I hope we can spend some time putting tasty meat in our mouths soon!


@joonjoon - Absolutely! I would never say no to meat.

@Metsfan86 - It pains me to say but finding a decent cheesesteak in Monmouth county is far and in between. I wish I could recommend a place but there just isn’t a place that does it justice. That being said, not a cheesesteak but a hot meat cheese sandwich that I would recommend whole heartily, Big Mike’s Little Red Store in Atlantic Highlands, Hot Roast Beef sandwich. Beef, Melted provolone, hot peppers on a hard roll. It’s delicious.

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Not Taylor ham?

Sorry for the late reply.

Now that I know who you are, I will :blush:

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I was just joshin’ ya’. :blush:

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Silly mean I took it literally :joy:

Anyway, wishing you happy eats and “see you” around on this board, at least :wink:

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Great seeing you here too! :heart:

I made a new account here so I can publicly post that I really want Texan BBQ. It’s my most frequent craving!

I’d love to hear what you guys crave often, so I can try them out.


Welcome to the forum FN
It doesn’t matter what you crave for when you join this forum, after reading a few threads you’ll be replacing that craving with a new one at each thread! :smile:


Where do you live? Very good Texas barbecue is popping up all over the place

I’m saving Heritage BBQ in SoCal for a special occasion.

Except in MA, where good barbecue is few and far between. :sob: I think we now have maybe 2 decent places that I can think of in Eastern MA, and they are both in areas I don’t frequent often because they’re a pain in the tushie for me to get to.


@kobuta Is one of those places BT’s in Sturbridge? What’s the other place you had in mind (asking for a friend)?


I don’t know much outside of Eastern MA, and things get a bit all jumbled as you head past Duxbury and towards the cape. Wasn’t aware of BT in Sturgis . I was thinking of Sweet Cheeks by the Kenmore area, and then Smoke Shop BBQ, which has a few outposts. I have friends who LOVE Smoke Shop, though I haven’t been myself.


Hi all-
I’m in Hunterdon County, New Jersey. I like to cook and eat, of course. I also enjoy reading about food and cooking. My most memorable food experience was spending 2 weeks in China with a Taiwan born friend and eating many things I had never even heard of before. Duck lips-chewy, sea cucumber-also chewy, black duck hot pot-entire head including beak was in there-tasty Tidbit about me - baking is my nemesis.



Hello and welcome!! I as well as my esteemed colleague @seal are the local NJ board moderators! We are both from Monmouth county however we have peeps from all over the state!

If you don’t mind me asking; how did you hear about / find us? If you have any questions please let me know!!



Hi not jr. I was a lurker on food forumX for a while and became disenchanted. I searched for cooking forums and found HO. Saw a lot of names that I recognized and whose posts I’ve enjoyed reading, so here I am.


Great to have you here with us @Shalevalley

The NJ restaurant board is very active and so is the cooking/recipe board. I am on those two so much I sometimes forget we have many other boards as well!


Thank you for the welcome. I’ll check out the NJ board and contribute when I can.

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Welcome aboard.

Barça Alejandra.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold

Market stall in Lima
Credit: TXMX 2