Let's introduce ourselves and get to know one another better

Hey, stranger.
I trust you are safe. Wild fires in your neck of the woods are in the news a lot these days.


Hi @Presunto!

Sweet of you to check on me! Lately I’ve been mostly hangin’ on my local board, but think about the Onions all the time. :hugs: Yep, as if things weren’t bad enough there’s the wildfires. Even those of us who are not in eminent danger are experiencing very bad air quality and have ash on everything. We aren’t going for the daily walks that make the current state of Covid restrictions more palatable. Ice cream helps. :slightly_smiling_face:

Happy Eating!


My name is Mark. I like cakes and sweets


Welcome Mark!! You are among friends with your likes, so please enjoy and have a look around! Mind if I ask where or how you found us here?


Glad you’ve found us, Mark. Welcome.

I like cheese and (bitter) beer.


Welcome, Mark! I like cakes and sweets … and cheese and (bitter) beer … and most other things.

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Welcome Mark.

Best wishes from Barcelona.

  1. New York, United States
  2. Love bread baking.

Good morning, New Yorker.

I’m a big fan of breads, especially proper German(-style) sourdough. Could eat it 3 times a day no problem. However, baking bread is not my strong point. I’m rubbish at baking anything in general.

Take a look round and jump right in.

Washington, DC Barbecue, grilling, seafood, soups, stews, … travel, whatever is good wherever I am


Welcome to Hungry Onion! As a neighbor here in NJ please enjoy our little foodie place on the web! Hope you are fairing well with all the difficulties facing NY these days, stay safe! Please be sure to share a few pics of your next baked goodness, nothing like a warm home baked loaf of bread!
If you don’t mind me asking, how did you find us? Welcome again if you have any questions please feel free to ask.



Welcome fellow bread baker!

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I live in england near london
I dont have any specific area but i teach at a culinary college so anything food related will get me going
I have cooked for hundreds of football teams, royalty and various celebrities, mostly during my time cooking for private jets.


Welcome, Chef B! Hope you enjoy it here at HO!

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First and foremost Welcome to Hungry Onion!! Nice to have you find us here, speaking of which may I ask how you found us here?

That sounds very interesting, I would imagine cooking for private jets entails cooking in advance then packaging the food for service in flight? Would that be correct or is there another method for the private jet world us commercial flying public wouldn’t know about?

Welcome again!

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Thanks for the warm welcome! You are correct depending on the requests of the lead passenger (who is paying). Any cold platters are made as close to the takeoff time as possible, normally less than an hour before, such as fruit displays and cold desserts. Private jets are a whole new world from what us mere mortals may be used to. They are often kitted out with no expense spared, i have been on various planes that have bigger bathrooms than mine at home…not to mention the marble! But with this luxury also comes a fairly decent kitchen area in which to cook in. So meals can be prepared in flight and as there is no laws on carrying knives and such on a private flight, i had all my gear available.