Let's introduce ourselves and get to know one another better

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Start posting about New Orleans and once a good conversation gets started then maybe we can do one for NO!

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Sweet!!! Google is picking us up! Nice!!

  1. I’m originally from SF, but live mostly in Paris, France (Fall, Spring & sometimes summer); North Lake Tahoe (winter & sometimes summer)

  2. I am retired, so I now devote all my time to my travel/food blog based out of Paris. Currently, I mostly do restaurant reviews, at www.parismissives.com

  3. My best culinary experiences have been in Southeast Asia. FYI…, although classically French trained, I occassionally teach Thai and Indian cooking.

  4. I went to the CA culinary as a hobby. I write my blog purely as a hobby. I will not take any advertisements, make pre-announcements, will not accept any comps for my meals. I want my reviews to be pure, and unadulterated. I’ve catered, assisted with wine/food pairing seminars, worked in test kitchens developing recipes, helped create menus, and I occassionally teach cooking, e.g., how to cook with spices to some French chefs/friends.


Welcome! Looking forward to your posts.

BW, how did you discover Hungry Onion?


Thank you. There was a discussion group and this site was mentioned. So, I thought why not. This is one of many I belong to. So the more the merrier. Plus more contributions need to be made from Paris. If I can help visitors maneuver through the Paris food scene, then that makes me happy.

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Welcome and enjoy!! Thanks for joining!!


Good! Instead of monologues, we can have dialogues now in the Paris board! Welcome!


I’m a new member here, and glad to have found this cooking/food site. I was a long-time member (about 14 years) from another site that turned into a private dumping ground/personal narcissistic food blog/sickness site. Would hate to see this site follow the same cookie cutter pattern (Trader Joes threads, etc.)

I do have a serious issue with folks (one in particular), that frequent/lurk on several food-related sites, and mimic every dish, menu, word, phrase and share same on other sites.

This one person in particular, has echoed everything I’ve shared on other sites for three years & continues to do so. It’s creepy and sick. There are a handful of folks on that site that continue to do the same. Thinking about consulting with an attorney.

It is so disturbing, I feel like unplugging the computer. I dropped out for about sicx months, & they/she had nothing to share.

Really would prefer a non “Venting” thread. It’s been done. Please keep it to food.

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Hi Karen - welcome! What area of the country are you from?

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Hello and welcome to our humble slice of the internet food world. Please make yourself at home, have a look around and if you have any questions please don’t be afraid to ask!


Hi from Southern CA.

Not sure if you’ve looked at the boards here, or read some of the threads, but we do have Trader Joes threads and other similar threads here too. Trader Joe’s is, after all, a store that sells food. :wink:

You seem quite upset coming in, but I hope you can join us with an open mind, as everyone here is here because they enjoy a like/love for food and enjoy discussing all things related to it. :slight_smile:

Zhangs grille (holmdel nj) "self grill"
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Hello from Cornwall, UK

Hi all.
Was not quite sure where to introduce myself & hope Im not breaking any rules doing so here!?
Spend a bit of time on another foodie forum & see mentions of Hungry Onion, so thought I would join.
Hoping to learn & help if possible?
My specialty is in tin lined copper cookware. so possibly of use here?
Looking forward to getting to know you better & all the best, Steve

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Nice to meet you, Newlyn. Welcome.

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Welcome , Steve. I’ve seen your posts on Chowhound - which is where many of us here started out. Hope you enjoy things here. You’ll find a few of us play on the UK board and we’ll certainly be looking forward to a south west perspective.

(in deepest Cheshire)

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Many thanks Chemicalkinetics.

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Hi John. Thanks for the welcome. Will check out the UK board & no doubt see you there.
All the best

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Welcome, Newlyn!


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Welcome to HO. May I ask how did you find us?

Thanks for sharing your own GitHub recipes, I will check the system, it seems a good way to store some text based older recipes I have.

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Welcome, nbirnel!