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Here are samples of seafood from our dock
not very good picture taken form my IPAD
The oysters are ours but from a friend’s dock in Solomon’s Island as the ones at our pier are still smaller.
The crabs from our pier.
I prefer the raw ones with lemon and tabasco but my son asked me to make some rockefeller oyster

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Wow…(thanks to @naf I found this thread) so to answer your earlier question: yes you did respond I just missed it!!

That looks delicious!! Completely in awe at the fact you can put a meal like that together from your own yard!! Beautiful!! (did you post some pictures of an oyster bed or cage or something else too?)

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Hey, thanks to naf? I am slighted. I posted where it was… :cry:


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AND to @winecountrygirl (although Naf sent me a private message link to the post) lol Thank you both!!


Don’t worry, I leave NotJr totally for you! :grin:

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Uh oh, I should be careful what I wish for!!!

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That’s better :wink:


We rent him out for parties and wakes.


I posted something about oyster omelet similar to the shrimp omelet that someone had posted earlier.
Although this recipe is Chinese, specifically from Fuchien , it is very similar.
I use raw oysters, ( typically I would use 8 ounces of shucked oysters with their juice) tiny shrimp sautéed in garlic and grated ginger, bean sprouts, chinese chives, cut into 1-2 inches, mixed with sweet potato starch ( the fine opposed to the coarse sweet potato starch) , add a scrambled egg and the
oyster juice to obtain a pancake batter consistency , S/P, then pan fry, served with ketchup and tabasco.
Typically, I pan fry them on the plancha of my vulcan range as I can make a lot at a time, but one can buy very tiny 3-4 inch cast iron pan from Asian Store if one wants to get fancy.
If you like oyster, this is really great. I am not aware that it is in the menu of any restaurant in DC. The chef at the historic Golden Palace in H St. DC would cook it for us upon request. But, that was long long time ago. I am not sure Golden Palace is still in existence.


This is so late as to be shameful but thanks for La Tarasca. We did try it and found it very good indeed!


I ordered a case of Plymouth gin when I heard our liquor board wasn’t going to allow it in the province any more. So good!


I hope you saw the post on Datu Puti Spiced Vinegar ( coconut vinegar )
It is available at Walmart, reasonable price
You will like it if you like spicy vinegar
I use it as part of a dip for my spring roll if available ( vinegar, soy sauce,tabasco) and for grilled vegetables.


Thanks, but we have no Walmart in France, I will try to look at the Asian stores.


Thank God !


Well, though I’ve been here for quite some time, I never did this, and probably should, so here goes:

1. Where are you? Boston, MA
2. What food-related topic are you most passionate about, that you want people to ask you about and you can’t stop talking about it?
Cheap eats, fine dining, cocktails, and pizza
3. What’s a great food experience you have had?
Meeting Wylie Dufresne after a wonderful meal at WD-50
4. A little tidbit about you
I collect antique amusement park postcards, as well as antique postcards of circus sideshow performers. I love snorkeling, and my wife and I go to Bonaire most years to snorkel.

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BRAND new here! Have been disillusioned with Chowhound for quite awhile and am heartened to see several Hungry Onion members from the “good old days” of CH.

Here goes:

  1. Madison, Wisconsin
  2. Almost anything related to New Orleans (was a bit surprised that it does not have its own board, here); good cocktails; home cooking; barbecue and charcuterie at home.
  3. Nostalgically…an afternoon at a Florida raw bar with my parents…bless them for imbuing me with a sense of adventurous eating.
  4. Cookbook hoarder…I have a problem…


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Welcome Monch!!! How did you hear about us?

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Truth? I Googled “alternates to Chowhound”. Found the site. Saw names I recognize and respect: Harters, jfood, Jason (zin1953), and signed up.

Now, how about that New Orleans board? :slight_smile: