Introducing Home Cooking Cuisine of the Quarter (Apr-Jun 2017) - Nominations Thread

Hey Home Cooking HOs!

A few of us on the Home Cooking Ideas thread have been discussing ways to ramp up participation, and one of the ideas we liked was a Cuisine of the Quarter thread, where we nominate and then vote on a particular cuisine to feature during each season. Instead of cooking from a specific book, this thread allows for people to recommend their favorite recipes from an entire cuisine, which will hopefully introduce us all to new cookbooks, authors and online recipe sources. Also, those rebels who improvise their own recipes can post about their unique creations and sources of inspiration!

So, who’s in? And who would like to nominate a cuisine for our inaugural edition? I am happy to manage the nomination and voting process for this quarter - how about we make nominations in ALL CAPS on this thread by Sunday, April 9 at 10PM Eastern, and then we can get the voting process started on Monday morning? Looking forward to cooking with all of you!


How about PERUVIAN cuisine - which is a mix of Inca, European (Spanish, Italian and German) and Asian (Chinese and Japanese) and Creole cooking.


I will second Peruvian!

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Since we are going into spring, I vote something that capitalizes on spring veggies. Maybe ITALIAN … or is that too mundane for a first cuisine.

Not mundane at all - Italian is now in the running!

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ITALIAN is my nomination.

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Thanks for doing this! I think 'tis the season for French or Italian, all that Mother Nature spring fever madness seems made for it.

So I will second the ITALIAN nominations here.

Also, I just got a pizza stone for my birthday, so Italian is perfect. :slight_smile:

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I too nominate Italian. It’s my favorite type of cuisine to cook.

Great, thus far we have PERUVIAN and ITALIAN nominations - any other contenders? You can nominate until Sunday evening!

Here’s another one . The cuisine of SPAIN


Spain is good. I’ll also put out FRENCH, mentioned earlier. They do great spring veggie things too.


Had fun last weekend . Picked up some baby leeks from the FM . Grilled them to a charred outside ( calcots ) , then wrapped them in newspaper. Peeled the outside until the tender green of the inside was exposed . Served with a Romesco sauce . Monterey Bay squid cooked in ci skillet , dusted with paprika , along with garlic chips , canned sardines from Spain , Manchego cheese , Local crusty baguette , wine to drink . Best lunch ever .

I’ll see Spain and raise you Cuban

Raise . All in .
Acadian cuisine
Fricot - soup or stew
Toutiere - Meat pie

Sunshine, do you want to officially nominate Cuban? If so, please post in all caps! :smile:

Sorry, never partiparticipated in any of this type thread!




I nominate GREEK.

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Nominations are now closed - let the voting begin! Please “like” your choice on this thread by Friday: Spring 2017 (Apr-Jun) Cuisine of the Quarter - VOTING THREAD