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you like jamon iberico? have you tried mangalitsa ham?
I had my son buy a hard wood ham holder with swivel grip from Barcelona, could not afford a whole black hoof iberico ham ( out of my league although enjoyed buying a few slices from La Tienda every once in a while ) .Johnston’s Country Ham carries a whole reserved Mangalitsa ham for about $275. It is almost as good as the Iberico, served thinly sliced with good bread, roasted garlic and squeezed juice from campari tomatoes, bottle of wine. Would love to try Mangalitsa pork chop one of these days.

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Hello and welcome cci/ccj!!! If you don’t mind me asking how did you find us?

Just out of curiosity how many oysters can you harvest off your pier in a season? I would imagine if the pier is stationary you would deplete your supply rather quickly.


Feb, I caught copper fever, was looking for good hammered copper pans and found the other site! Had some convo with Kaleo and Alexander .Since then, Then, I found myself with 8 copper pots!!! Discovered some of the folks moved over here
We only had the oysters for one season . Maryland gave waterfront owner incentive to harvest oyster with a max of $500 tax credit. My son spent a little more than $500, bought 2500 small oysters, placed them in a floating cage. Since we are upriver where the water has less salinity, he brought half to his friend’s pier in Solomon’s Island, 30 minutes from our house. The oysters at Solomons grew much faster. So far, after one season, we ate out 200-250 of them. &They are really good, even compared to the ones purchased from a seafood strip in Jessup Md ( they cater to restaurants ) because there is less sand or dirt in them. ) We still power wash them. I made Rockefeller Oysters with them but found out it is just a waste bec they are best eaten fresh, very sweet with lemon juice and a drop of tabasco. Incidentally, we also have the best blue crabs here. Last November, rockfish was jumping up and down. There was one night my son caught 13 but sadly had to throw 11 back! We are only allowed to keep 2 per day. I am not a cook, just like to cook and experiment. CCJ


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Welcome, copper Pan refugee.


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Siiiiiii, very much! Not only the Jamón but also Spain. I have eaten Mangalitsa pork and sausages at the source, in Hungary. The fat is the most amazing, which the pig is mostly bred for.

Certified Mangalitsa sellers all display this kind of sign:


Same as above, cut open.

The elusive Mangalitsa Jamón

The price

There’s a legal requirement for the amount of Mangalisa meat and fat that go into sausages to be call “Mangalisa sausage”. Forgot the exact percentage, 30% perhaps. Have to look it up.

The much prized fat

I brought back lots of Hungarian charcuterie, the fat is some of that:

What food is worth the drive even if it's not in New Jersey? (neighboring states only please)
  1. Mamaroneck NY - Westchester / Metro NY
  2. Where to eat and what to eat
  3. The best unplanned meal - on our autumn honeymoon in Italy, we stumbled upon a small, quiet restaurant on a small somewhat hidden street. It was a quiet weeknight and we were the only customers. Seated at a candlelit table outside, the owner brought a wonderful house wine while the kitchen produced one incredible course after another each one containing white truffles. Indulgent, delicious, magical.
  4. If I were a little less sane, I’d have a house full of cats - and a few dogs too. Right now, just two.

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Welcome, LayalG! That sounds amazing and very special!!! And do you have dogs or cats now?


Hey everybody!

Long time subscriber, recent poster. I hadn’t been coming here very much because my home board was pretty dead, but i’ve decided I want to try and do something about that.

Anyway, where is the FAQ on this thing? I tried starting a topic on the General forums, but it would seem that i’m not allowed to create a new topic there.

So this is my official hello to everyone. I’m in Montreal. I was on CH under the handle SnackHappy, until I got banned for calling some awful person a bad word. I rarely strayed from my local board. Now, I’m there and here as MonsieurGhislain.

I’m generally broke, so fine dining doesn’t happen often, but that’s ok because i’m kind of averse to anything snooty. I like to explore the cheaper and more exotic side of things. I cook, but mostly for myself or whoever’s around. I’m looking forward to getting acquainted with everyone here.


PS: I haven’t read any for the previous 570 replies, but I promise to go through the thread if get hospitalized of something.


Just came back to answer my own question. All I had to do was go one level deeper from General and pick a board. Which makes sens when I think about it. Don’t know why I didn’t do it in the first place.

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I’m sorry you are no longer snackhappy, what happened one too many bad snacks? (joke) Welcome I remember you from the other place, I guess all things considered I hope you don’t find time to read this thread anytime soon!


I think there were a few posters who were previously active on the MTL board- @Captcrunch, @lagatta @rikk @karela. If you decide to be active here, it’d help you more if you send them a private message telling them that you want to do something here, as well as gather other MTL active users. That way, you will have more conversations.


Hey! I’m still here! I’m just a bit less active because I’ve got a new job that makes me very busy.

That being said, I have a few plans!


Hi. I’ll play along.

I live in San Francisco, but I’m originally from Montreal, QC.

I love sampling different regional cuisines, both domestically and abroad. My wife and I are regular travelers. My favorite U.S. food city is New Orleans. I love seeking out authentic “time warp” dining experiences; dimly-lit meat and martini dens, classic French bistros, old fashioned red and white checkered trattorias with large wicker wine casks, old world delis and mid-century lunch counters, streamlined dining cars and roadside hash houses, coastal seafood shacks, traditional caffes, pasticcerias, java joints, dingy Cantonese teahouses, classic cocktail lounges, etc. I miss good, cheap Middle Eastern (particularly Lebanese), Greek and Portuguese in the Bay Area. I also miss great reasonably priced French wine. I love the abundance and variety of Asian food that we have access to. Szechuan and dim sum are my guilty pleasures of choice. Tokyo is my favorite foreign/int’l city to eat my way through. Pistachio ice cream is my favorite flavor. Mexican is perhaps my least favorite cuisine. I hate cilantro.

A single standout food experience is difficult to narrow down… there’s been way too many! We had some pretty spectacular kaiseki-ryori in ancient Edo-era wooden sukiya style structures in Japan that we won’t soon forget.

I’m Canadian. My folks have an apartment down South. I enjoy dark spirits and strong stirred drinks. I love traveling to new places. When not doing the former, I tend to spend my money on vintage clothes, books and records. I’m crazy about modernism; art, architecture, jazz, etc. I dropped out of film school in college. I’m into left politics. I hate sports, but I love baseball. I had a Himalayan cat named Samantha. She was my best friend. Plymouth Gin and Boudin Sourdough is my idea of the perfect lunch. I could live year round on a diet of stone crab. I love the Sierra Nevada mountains. My goal is to visit every single National Park in the United States over the next 10 years. I used to teach kindergarten. I also worked with ASD children. I used to book rock and roll/rhythm and blues gigs in Montreal, at the same time. I like potato chips, moonlight and motor trips. How about you?


Or you could drive to the border (approx. 6 hours north) and dine at Milos, which is essentially the East Coast equivalent.


I am guessing you would spot the fake navy chairs in restaurants!


that is fine
a little too late to respond


We just started the oysters 2015 as Maryland gives us a tax credit up to $500 for harvesting oyster which helps clean the Patuxent River . I think my son spent just a little over $500 for the supplies, then he bought 2500 very tiny oysters, almost the size of a snail or even smaller. Then, we started in about a y ear harvesting oysters. The ones we ate are from oysters he located in a friend’s pier at Solomon’s Island, which is on the Chesapeake Bay. The oysters there got bigger faster. They are really huge, and sweet. He generally power wash them so they are pretty clean. We have had a few seafood festivals ( crabs, rockfish, oysters with store bought tuna and scallops ) whereby we had around 8 friends over and he may have brought home oysters at least 4-5 times last year from the ones in Solomon’s. I guess if we are about to get depleted, he will buy some more small oysters.
I had 'COPPER FEVER" early this year and found Kaleo on CH, consulted with him re copper pots . CH is a little tough to navigate. I am not a chef or cook but enjoy cooking esp for my son’s friends who visit us often when he is in the country. So, being so far from the city, we naturally serve them dinner.
naf had been very kind and taught me how to download and upload pictures but I still have to find out how I can get back to a site I had responded or all the symbols, not being computer savvy with handicap from fingers from ulnar dystrophy and osteo. I generally can follow only if there are brochures to read.