Let's introduce ourselves and get to know one another better

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Thank you sincerely for your service. Welcome to Hungry Onion. (I am usually the resident wise ass so don’t get to use to me being serious but military always gets my utmost respect. )


Thanks…Also…STILL on Chowhound!:confused:

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That’s ok I won’t hold that against you! Several people actually are, if you know anyone over there that you think would enjoy this community please feel free to invite them. Welcome again!


Will do.

I think I signed up awhile ago, but mostly come here looking for Linda Witt when Top Chef is on.

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Here let me call her for you; @LindaWhit there’s someone here to see you!!!

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Thanks, Jr. @shrinkrap and I have chatted over on the Top Chef thread here on HO as well. :smiley:


I am Busk.

  1. From Philadelphia, but live in DC.
  2. Spend time in Paris whenever possible, but travel a lot. I eat losta wild stuff.
  3. I like hamburgers.
  4. I own africacooks.com


Hi! Missed this first time around.
Sikeston or Cape Giradeau?
I’m a KC native now in the PNW for the last 30+ years. Welcome. We need middle of the country folks. :slight_smile:

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Hellooooooo Busk! Welcome! Interesting site you’ve got there, I look forward to checking it out in more detail when in front of a computer instead of my phone.

If you don’t mind me asking how did you hear about us?


I can’t seem to find africacooks.com. Help!

Ahhh! Same as http://internationalstrategy.org/StrategyDen/?page_id=278 ?

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That’s the site it brought me to.


Hello Busk! I frequented DC all my childhood, and lived there for eight years ( in the eighties). I often likened it to my experience of Club Med. Venture outside the “Club” IF you want a very different perspective.


Yeah I have it forwarding to my website until I can figure out what to do with it.


Jumping in late to say I really understand Queens and Brooklyn wanting to be part of LI, but we consider them culturally (and they are governmentally) part of NYC. Geography is subjective. :wink:




Yes, just ignore the emoticon, and I’ll go on ignoring Queens and Brooklyn.


Southern Maryland, small town, on the Patuxent river.
I Stir fry mostly , smoke using a MAK pellet smoker, grill. like cataplana dish and paella as well. In the summer, mostly have steamed crabs, fried rockfish and fresh oysters from our pier. I reserve the rockfish heads and carcass, make and freeze broth for paella .
Traveling with my husband to Rome and Florence from Amsterdam in 2000, best meals in Eurail train, introduced to some great restaurants by my husband’s German colleague who is very familiar with the area.
Retired, love to cook , collector and would consider myself a good gardener but not for food, just ornamental stuff.

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Welcome, CCI.

I love Cataplana in Portugal. Need to get back there. You have nice summer foods. I’m a fan of oysters and crabs, and shellfish.

Have also done the Eurail/Interrail thing in my youthful reckless days. I remain a train travel fan since, prefer the train whenever possible.

Do check out the monthly What’s For Dinner thread and join us sometimes.


Agree wholeheartedly. I always imagined a sort of 9 Nations
Of North American Food mapping migration and immigration to visualize how cultures and their food ended up or are moving towards specific locales
Including many unexpected examples.