Let's introduce ourselves and get to know one another better


What a great idea!


and still a guilty pleasure to watch – we have Buzz network over the air here, and I watch game shows from the 70s more than I’d care to admit.


Hi! Thrilled to have found this site:

  1. Monmouth County, New Jersey
  2. I am very interested in the history of food, agriculture and sustainability . Love to cook and eat with good ingredients.
  3. Hm. Every time I visit my parents farm in Hunterdon County in August and experience REAL farm to table.
  4. I have yet to make a successful whole wheat loaf of bread and god knows I’ve tried.

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Welcome! You are in good company we have several Monmouth County members here, as you probably saw on the other thread!

Where is your favorite farm to table?


Thank you!
Not in Monmouth County and maybe not exactly Farm to Table, but Lovin Oven in Frenchtown.



Hi, Bookwich is now ACTIVE. Los Angeles/San Francisco. I eat, I cook, I bore easily.


Hello! I’m a longtime CH lurker, and finally got fed up with the endless scrolling, weird organization, the ads, and more recently, incompatibility with my tablet. A google search led me to HO.

  1. Orange County, California
  2. Very interested in home cooking, cookbooks and wine.
  3. One of my most vivid childhood memories is my father making brisket (in the oven)… The pan somehow slipped his grasp and SPLAT the brisket and its sauce fell on the floor. We scooped it up as best we could and had it for dinner. My father has made the recipe many times since, but we both claim that it never tastes quite as good as the original “floor brisket.”
  4. My husband really dislikes garlic, so I haven’t cooked with garlic in a while.

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raven, Welcome to Hungry Onion!! Glad you found us, many of our names should be familiar to you from Chowhound. Have yourself a look around, although I’m from the right coast we should see each other on some of the non-regional boards. If you have any questions please let us know! (FYI I have no official capacity with this site, just being friendly)


You’re our official greeter, NotJr. Just like at WalMart. :wink:

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So cool!!! Do I get my own vest and name tag too!!! I knew participating here would take me places in life!!! Wooooohooooooo!!! Oh and “Thank you for posting on Hungry Onion, Please post again soon!!!”


You even get your choice of color vest! Life Preserver Yellow, Pumpkinhead Orange, or Lime Jello Green. Which goes best with the fake nose glasses? :wink:


He was so busy sampling my groceries that he forgot to check my receipt…

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((snaps the rubber glove)) Do you want my official TSA/Walmart full cavity search?


N-n-no sir! Just saying how much I appreciated your dedication to quality control. Even to the point of cooking up half my bacon. It was with much relief that I brought home half of what I had bought.

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Howdy. I’m new to food forums and fell into some rabbit hole that led me to this friendly place.
I’m from NJ-lifer. Married, kids and near retirement
The lady and I cook plenty at home and still consider a meal out special.
We like just about everything.

I look forward to poking around the boards.


Welcome! This is a friendly place with a lot of knowledgeable people. The NJ people are pretty active with area posts. The WFD (what’s for dinner) threads are a great way to get to “know” people quickly.

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Welcome Dan!! Fellow NJ’er here look forward to your contributions, any questions just ask.

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Nice of you both to say hello.

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Thanks. I just figured out how to post a reply directly to another comment. Thanks for bearing with me.

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No problem at all…it’s all a learning process. FYI if you want t"tag" someone in any comment just type the @ sign and then their name like @Rooster (a pop up list will appear) and they are now tagged in the comment. You will notice you get a specific notification since I’ve done that.

It’s handy if you are replaying to one person, but also want someone else to see or pay attention to your response to the first person.

Example; @VikingKaj now he will get notified about this post, hopefully viking gets his hopes up it’s something good, instead he will find I just wasted his time using him as my example for this. Hi viking!! Thank you for your participation.