Let's introduce ourselves and get to know one another better

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Well as long as you were not @tting me from farouking Chowhound @NotJrvedivici it’s ok…


And if you want to “Like” someone’s post, you can click the fork/knife at the bottom of each post. Welcome, Rooster. Or “Roostah” as some would say up here in New England. :slight_smile: I’m originally from northern NJ, but call the Boston area my home now.

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Thanks! We visit Boston a few times a year. I have to look at the MA board.


–Where am I? Northern Indiana.

–Food-related topic I am passionate about: Bread making and pizza making.

–A great food experience I have had? Wow, where to start? High-end: Le Bernardin restaurant in NYC. Other end; I spent some years in Germany and still pine after years for their Döner Kebabs, a street food and NOT the same as Gyros.

–A little tidbit about me: Can’t think of anything little… ;). It’s worth noting that I’m a Chowhound refugee of sorts.

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Finally! I’ve been waiting for you! Glad you’ve decided to join us!

Hope you make it back to Germany with your son oneday to try the kebab again.

Hint: I took a photo of Kebab spice mixes for you once :slight_smile:

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With your handle I would have thought you were from Northern New Jersey! Welcome to HO! Nice to have you if you know any other refugees send them on over!!


Thanks for the greeting, @presunto! I’m glad you’re here and glad so quickly to see some others with monikers that I recognize from before.


In case you welcome a recommendation for a stop on your drives between Vancouver and Portland, consider La Tarasca, in Centralia (so named for its central location between Seattle and Portland). If you like Mexican. Note: they close over Xmas weeks, as the family goes back to Mexico every year.

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YAY! Good to see ya here, Bada!

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Just sharing :slight_smile:

1.Where are you? Mostly in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Penang.

2.What food-related topic are you most passionate about, that you want people to ask you about and you can’t stop talking about it? Anything to do with food, but I particularly like food history - how dishes originated and who invented them and where.

3.What’s a great food experience you have had? Too many to recount, but a great one was at a restaurant called Koliba Zlata Podkova in Kosice, Slovakia, last year where they carried in an entire roast pig to be carved up and served to us:

4.A little tidbit about you. I used to be obsessed about Michelin-starred restaurants a couple of decades back, and would take long driving holidays in France and tick off 3-Michelin-star restaurants from my bucket list.

These days, I’m into ethnic/local cuisines - doesn’t matter where: I covered Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan last year. I love Indian food and would go to any part of India for the best they’ve got to offer.

Here I am getting in touch with my Teochew/Chaozhou/潮州 roots during a visit to Penang last month - I’m the bloke :slight_smile:


Nice to have you here! I’ve been enjoying your post on the Pacific/Asia board.



You are a fantastic resource. Your insights into overseas eateries are what my wife and I wander for. We endure the high end restaurants at the expense of our parent company or our clients. Our honest preference for eating is to walk and fall into places that have fantastic food and scarfing customers.

Your descriptions of Malaysian food is making me seriously consider making a trip. We’re doing SIN in June, and I will do best to persuade my partner to add PEN on a future trip.

We are based in the SFBA, and are SE Asia 3~4 times per year.

We’ve been LOVING Japan and Taiwan. Looking forward to expanding to more of SE Asia.

I think I may have read earlier that you were in the logistics biz? :wink: I am in the export biz, and love the travel aspect of the job.

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meatn3 - thank you. Always happy to share and contribute :slight_smile:

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Google_Gourmet - you will enjoy Singapore. But please do consider Penang - it’s where we Singaporeans actually go to eat!!

I’ve always ended up with jobs which involved travelling since back in 1991 when I started off with Singapore Airlines. I was in Beijing once on a 7-week assignment, cooped up in my hotel room on most nights as it was winter and feeling pretty isolated - this was back in the 90s when Beijing’s streets were full of bicycles and everyone wore black or dark-blue Mao suits and caps - not the Beijing of today with its hip, trendy cafes and restaurants. There was no Internet, and the invention of social media/food-blogging was a decade away still. What did I do - put on my walking boots in the evening and trudge around the city looking for interesting eats.

I went to Hong Kong a few months later and met a cousin. She told me, “I think it’s a great hobby - exploring a city for good eats. You need something, anything, which can keep you occupied when you have to travel so much.” Her words still resonate in my mind today.

From 2006 till 2011, I was a director in a shipping line and spent up to 40% of my time in the US, mainly based in Oakland. That’s when I got into CH, which has now led to HO.

My objective these days is, to paraphrase Jim Leff, look for something “new” - known to the locals but which has not been discovered by the food guides or masses of camera-toting food Instagram crowd. It’s getting harder these days as the world gets smaller. But the advantage of business travel is that you have local colleagues whom you can rely on for insights and dining tips.

Have a great 2017 - to more good travels and more good eats :slight_smile:

[Singapore/ Malaysia] Trip Planning

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I so appreciate having discovered Dr. Scholl’s computerized insoles! :slight_smile: We do A LOT of walking when we play tourist.

Potentials are marked on Google maps. However, most places we actually dine in are chosen by my restaurant sixth sense. Following are some food pics from a restaurant that we happened by and wandered in.

BBQ “insides” restaurant in Shinjuku Japan. We asked for a western menu, and the hostess gave us a menu with pictures that we can point at to order.

Loved the joint so much, we returned the following night. Sat at the counter this time, fun rubbing shoulders with the locals. Shared a couple of shots of Jack with the chef and assistant. He turned us on to a few goodies. :wink: A good time was had by all.


I loved everything about your introduction. Now I want to redo mine. :slight_smile:

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Bookwich - do a new self-introduction! :smiley:


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Er, sorry, no offense intended but which one would that be?