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OT :slight_smile:

I drive by Luigi’s every time I go back to my parents’ house (these days I live in Delaware, but my parents still live in the house they bought a month before I was born). That place has been there in one incarnation or another for the entire 48 years I have been on this earth, but not once have I been inside!

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LOL…well like I said it’s not fancy, but it’s a good place to grab a bite. 48 years and never stepped foot in the place, now that sounds like a challenge to get you there the next time you are in the area!! What are or were some of your fav’s in the area over the years?

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I was route 4

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Rules: According to the official Hungry Onion rules of play for the; New Jersey Parkway Exit game, you must actually state an exit on the Garden State Parkway. Leaving random highway comments will be deemed not in accordance with the rules of this game.

Hey I didn’t write the rules, I just play by them.


Fort Lee here :slight_smile:

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Sorry - I’d didn’t know the rules. I didn’t have a GSP exit…:fearful:

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You’re kidding…


Only for a bit … I lived in the Northbridge co op for a couple of years and went to Fort Lee HS


And I was Route 208. :smile: I grew up in Franklin Lakes.

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Pretty Swanky Ms Whit, are you a fan of the gals on the NJ Housewives show? (FYI a friend of mine restaurant was featured on one episode a few years back)

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I almost moved to the Radburn section of Fairlawn. Then I got divorced!!


Having spent 40+ years in northern NJ, I can tell you that’s a central and southern NJ routine! If you don’t live close to the Garden State Parkway or NJ Turnpike, it simply doesn’t apply.

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Tough to say at this point since I haven’t lived there since I was 17. I come home for things like Passover and funerals so there’s not a lot of eating out going on. I try to get to Vic’s in Bradley Beach for pizza when I can, but it might be once every 2 years.

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Ahhhh I see, well I hope you still enjoy Vic’s, thanks for responding.


Swanky it was NOT, NotJr. I lived right behind the high school on the Franklin Lakes/Wyckoff border. I didn’t live in Urban Farm (old money enclave) or Shadow Lakes (nouveau riche enclave).

And I’m not a fan of ANY of the Real Housewives’ shows. The NJ one is particular horrifying, IMO. Although the Giudices got what they deserved.

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Awwwww poor Juicy Joe…!! As much as it pains me to admit it, I do secretly watch it when I see it on. As I indicated above I’ve known either directly or indirectly some of the people who have been on it. (none of the active participants, people who have been in the background of parties or restaurants etc.) As the matter of fact 2(?) seasons ago when they had cast members from Monmouth County NJ, they filmed all around my immediate area, it was kind of neat.

For the record, I can’t stand the people, but the show has me watching! (please don’t think less of me)


Could never happen, NotJr. We all have our guilty TV…for me, it’s the competition shows Big Brother, Top Chef (like DUH) and Survivor. But my worst guilty TV is The Bachelor/ette. Which, technically, is also a competition show.

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This is the sorta stuff you get up to while I’m distracted? Folks are here for pancake excess, not Parkway exit (I’m 98 for those keeping score at home).

Funny thing is that I recall contemplating a CH thread back around the time when it became possible to leave a bar without smelling like the Marlboro Man, premised on the idea of what’s best to eat within x minutes of each exit. Sad thing is, I don’t recall if it ever happened, was deleted, or was simply the product of my imagination brought on by food, drug, and alcohol abuse over time.

Aaahh, well. . . . The point is, for anyone who stuck around for it, we should do that here soon. Somebody remind me?

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(psssst don’t forget to start a thread about restaurants via Parkway exit locations!!!)

There ya go, don’t say I never did nothing for ya!! (It’s a good premise start the thread!!)

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(have you seen the “new” Matchgame and Pyramid games? Talk about flashbacks, so funny seeing them on again.