Let's introduce ourselves and get to know one another better


Hi, gypsy here. I am a chronic lurker but I do pipe in every now and then.

  1. Manhattan and upstate NY (Woodstock area)

  2. Always seeking that perfect moment, in experiences, food, music, art etc, where you find yourself in a flash of brilliance. The quality of everything available has certainly improved over my lifetime, but nearly all of it has been scrubbed too sterile and over-hyped.

  3. I was blessed to have grandmothers who spread love in the kitchen.

  4. I recently took one of those DNA tests, thinking I would find an interesting soup hidden in my genes because I seem to blend in many different parts of the world (India, Spain, Morocco, Turkey…). But the results came back Italy, Italy, Italy!


(Giovanna) #473

Benvenuti, Zingaro, e mangiare felice. Bella Italia!


Grazie e buon appetito!

(Kristina) #475

Macon, Georgia
I never met a noodle I didn’t like!
Best food I ever had was at the Columbia in St. Augustine, Florida
Just started learning to cook at the tender age of (almost) 50.

  1. NJ, USA
  2. I am extremely passionate about baking (I attended a local pastry arts program and am always looking to exchange recipes and tips). I also love discussing the best places to eat, both near and far.
  3. Akelarre in San Sebastián, Basque Country. Phenomenal meal with phenomenal views, and probably the only time I will ever eat at a 3-Michelin-starred restaurant.
  4. My cookbook collection is completely out of control :flushed:. I am hoping to install floor-to-ceiling bookshelves in the near future because the stacks of books in my home are like weeds.

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Hellooooo and welcome my fellow Jersian!!! So glad to have you join us here, do you mind me asking how you heard about or found us?

The local NJ board is really starting to get some traction with a recent influx of Jersey members I look forward to seeing you over there. In the meantime if you have any questions please feel free to ask.


I actually heard about hungryonion from a different forum where users mentioned that members of The Other Food Board were migrating here due to changes and interface issues. I definitely find hungryonion to be more streamlined and pleasant to browse.

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Awesome! If you know of anyone else who shares our common food interests please share! The more the merrier! Welcome again!

BTW what general area of Jersey are you from?


Thanks for the welcome, and will do!

I am currently in the Jersey Shore area, but grew up in Somerset County.

(Junior) #481

Oh cool a true “local”…I’m from “exit 109” area myself, there are a few Jersey Shore/Monmouth County peeps here. Better to share some of our local favorite spots!!

(hs) #482

Exit 109 is well-out of the armpit where I grew up (exit 135)!

(Junior) #483

Clark is not an armpit!!! I moved to 109 back in 94’ I grew up at exit 131…good ole Edison, now becoming an armpit if you ask me.

(hs) #484

just saying relative to 109 :slight_smile:

(Junior) #485

Keeping things on topic I somewhat recently dined at the Garlic Rose in that area, exit 138 is one of my all time favorite restaurants La Griglia!


Hi, Neighbor! And welcome!


I know this is probably hidden in a Springsteen lyric somewhere, but you NJ’ers really identify yourselves by exit # on the Garden State Parkway? My sis was born in Morristown, but her birth certificate doesn’t list any exits. Just wondering in Oregon, where the streets have no name.

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Yes we do! lol It is a very easy way to gauge location, I mean the parkway has about 172(?) exits and is about 174 miles long, so just about every mile of the eastern side of the state you have an exit. It’s the easiest way to identify what region of the state you are from. I think more states should have a similar highway system, look how it brings us all together!!


I never did when living in NJ, because the GSP ended well before where I lived.

(travelmad478) #490

You bet. Born and raised at exit 102!

The standard question when one Jersey resident (or ex-resident) first meets another is “What exit?” It’s a pretty immediate way to understand their entire world view :sunglasses:

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102! My backyard!! AP/TF/N???

A friend of mine is the operator of Luigi’s Bar, at the corner of Asbury Ave. and Shafto. The restaurant is now called Eddie’s Place, nothing fancy but a good meal if you are in that area. (My favorite was when it was Falco Bros.)