Let's introduce ourselves and get to know one another better

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Glad you have found us, Poptart! There are a few of yours fellow Bostonites on here.

I also like reading cookery books, but not cooking from them. I read to learn, mostly.

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Hello and welcome!!! If you don’t mind me asking how did you hear of us? Please invite any others you think would enjoy it here!

New users- how did you find us?

Gracias, Presunto.

NotJrevedivici, believe it or not I found this board by googling “Chowhound replacement” !
It had been awhile since I’d visited the Chowhound site, after the redesign. I noticed not nearly as many postings and remembered reading awhile back that many had gone to an alternative site. My google search brought the hungryonion.org as a top hit! I will definitely tell a friend who I believe was a Chowhounder in the past.

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Excellent! Nice to know we are leaving a mark on Google searches! Please do invite all you can, we are young and still trying to grow, appreciate your help. Welcome again!

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Great on both counts!


Hey Poptart! Fellow Boston-area former CHer here.

Did you see that Joey Kramer, drummer from Aerosmith, just opened a coffee shop in North Attleboro called Rockin’ and Roastin’ Cafe? He’s been into coffee for a LONG time and decided to open his own place.

This pleases me. VERY much. :smiley:

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Are you sure it’s in North Attleborough? I tried to add it to my Google restaurant map, but only one in Maine came up: https://www.rockinandroastinrestaurant.com/


@sr44, this is the one you want:

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Thanks. I’ll add it to my map. But if you look at my link, he’s there as well. Busy man.


Yup, I did see that. Looks like the restaurant link is in the cafe link - I missed that when I first saw the cafe had opened.


Thanks for the warm welcome from everyone.
I didn’t know about the coffee place opened by Joey Kramer, will have to check that out.

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I just googled “Chowhound Replacement”, and guess what? A post of mine came up the second hit.

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For the record when I did the search your thread was the 3rd hit, not the second. Nobody likes a bragger CK.

FYI, I didn’t notice there isn’t a mention of FTC on the first page of the search!!

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I got a bunch of articles about people leaving chowhound!


ah, the logic of Google (or the lack thereof) – when I google that exact phrase (no quotes) I get the LA Times article (refers to HO), the EastBay Express article (also mentions HO), and then your CH or not CH survey.

Ironically, Leff’s blog is the 4th entry.

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I think google ranks findings based on our previous search…etc.

In my case, there are (from top to bottom)

  1. LA Times article - about uproar
  2. My Chowhound or Not Chowhound Survey
  3. East Bay Express article - about uproar
  4. Jim Leff’s is foruth
  5. Boston Global article - about uproar


Oh, I get it – I just always find it interesting (and oh-so-vaguely disturbing) at how the logorithms alter the search results.

I have all of the tracking/suggestions/ads turned off that I can figure out how to turn off…

but the top 5 are pretty much the same for everyone, even though they’re in a slightly different order.

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Hi Ho Poptart! Welcome!! Presunto is correct, there are quite a few Bostonians here, moi included. Glad you’re here too.


Thanks, Gio…have always enjoyed reading your posts on Chowhound and glad you are here too. I am a fellow cookbook addict :slight_smile:

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Thank You for your kind words. Hope you have fun here. It’s nice to find a forum full of people one is already interweb familiar with.