Let's introduce ourselves and get to know one another better

My friend Mike is fond of referring to us as the northernmost outpost of Marin county.


I belong to a travel group on FB that linked your blog post about travel losing its romance.

I had a "Hey, I know that name moment.

Good article, too.

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That isn’t me, sorry to say…

Oh that’s crazy!

  1. Cambridge MA
  2. Interested in recipe sharing, hearing others’ stories and of course, sharing my opinions
  3. Hard one but I think the times I’ve cooked meals for friends and families and it was well received. Brings me joy
  4. Born in Thailand to American parents. Had so many amazing experiences there, culinary and otherwise

Happy to have found this community!


Welcome to HO, @SaltyOpinionsUnlimited ! Yours was post #1600 on this thread! You’re just a bit south of me in location.

Looking forward to seeing your posts. Lots of recipes (personal, cookbooks, and links from the web) get shared on the monthly What’s for Dinner (WFD) and Cookbook of the Month (COTM), and the Dish of the Quarter (DOTQ) threads.

Here are the latest threads, but look for those tags in parenthese if you want to read further back.


Welcome @SaltyOpinionsUnlimited ! I’m “stumping” ( I learned that here!) the food gardening thread if you might be so inclined.

ETA Oops! Not stomping but stumping :smiling_face:

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Many, many years ago we so we spent several
years in El Paso. About midway through, my husband quipped, are you aware that you haven’t pronounced “ing” in maybe six months!

On the other side of the coin, the New Orleans bred mother of one of my students asked me, “Mrs P, where are you from?” I answered “San Francisco.” She snapped her fingers and replied, “ I KNEW I recognized your accent!”

  • Brooklyn, NY
  • Nice food :slight_smile: Fat food, meat!
  • Romanian food is my favorite!
  • I’m not a pro but cooking is my love!

Welcome! I was born in Brooklyn and spent a lot of my youth there.

Welcome aboard! We all look forward to some Brooklyn reports and others from your travels


  1. Austin Tx but moving to Chicago Il area
  2. The simple food movement (simple home cooking, canning, gardening as a food source.
  3. A night of dining at Charlie Trotters when he was alive.
  4. I love experimenting with food, trting new things out…but also really enjoy rediscovering “The old way” of cooking. They way my Grandmother cooked with simple ingrediants and whole foods.

Congratulations on moving to Chicago. I’ll keep the home fires burning here in ATX!

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Hi wish i would have joined before our departure. Always looking for good food!

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We don’t really have a Chicago contingent so you’ve stepped into the vast unknown.
Consider yourself the new reporter.
Do check out LTH forum for Chicagoland.

You might enjoy this Chicago blogger.

Welcome :blush:

Vecchiouomo, Her home fires will need to be burning in Chicago this winter!


Thanks…yep its gonna be cold…but the food will make up for it! Will post some stuff when we get settled and go out…


It’s a great city, Badgergirl!

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Chicago Royalty