Let's Flap Our Wings [NJ]


I picked up a tip from HO on ordering at BWW - ask for your wings well done or extra crispy. They are 100% better that way. Also, their spicy garlic sauce is better than their traditional Buffalo sauce. It tastes much more like the typical wing sauce in the Buffalo region (I went to school up there and basically lived on wings).

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BWW boneless wings on Thursday when they are .65 each isn’t too bad I must say. Not amongst the greats but it does hit the spot.


Has anyone tried this place in long branch?

It’s called “ny fried chicken, burgers, and seafood”


@joonjoon any intel on this?

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I haven’t been here since rt 66 went out of business. Been meaning to check it out but haven’t stopped in yet… I will soon though!


A new wing shack recently opened in Cranford called Little Buffalo from a family hailing from Buffalo, NY. The menu is pretty straight-forward: hot dogs, sandwiches, burgers, and wings.

“Little Buffalo’s signature item is Beef on Weck, a roast beef sandwich on a Buffalo kimmelweck roll, which features pretzel salt and caraway seeds.”

I tried their wings. Around $7 for 5 wings. They were pretty good, not mind-blowing or anything, but solid.


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Old Glory, Keyport has a wings and wine special every Wednesday 4-10pm. They serve four types of brick oven wings on their menu. We have enjoyed them all, including takeout platters for at home gatherings.


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I recently had some good Indian spiced wings at the weekend buffet brunch at Aarzu. They were really flavorful, but not really buffalo wings. The buffet is a steal at less than $15 a person too. I keep thinking I’m going to run into @CurlzNJ there.

Also, I had some Hot Garlic wings at Jack’s in WLB last week with @NotJrvedivici. We were reminiscing about the old days of Jack’s Rib n Ale House.


If you’d tell me you were going…


N.J.'s 25 best wings, just in time for 2018 Super Bowl according to Pete Genovese:


While I love a great buffalo wing, to me the BEST chicken wing is the one made by my local chicken holiday. I think they call them Wingzings and are a sauceless wing covered in a crunchy batter with just a touch of spice to make them irresistible. I get trays of their wings for parties and they are usually the first thing to go. Don’t think of ordering them for your super bowl party unless you do so well in advance.

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Funny, normally when I go to a Giants game if I’m not tailgating I stop at KFC and get a bucket of chicken. Solid tailgate food, easy peasy. One game this year that was the game plan, however my son and nephews really wanted wings, no problem right? Wrong! KFC doesn’t have wings! I never imagined the wouldn’t have wings, so we made a second top at Chicken Holiday, in Hazlet, for two trays of wings.

Wow…they were excellent! I was so surprised! I’ve never knowingly had Chicken Holiday before but their wings did impress me! Too bad the closes one is that Hazlet location which is not close to me, I only went there because the KFC was on 36 in Keyport.

In regard to the link @curlz provided I’ve had chicken from chicken kitchen but don’t ever remember having their wings, I might have to try them out. My favorite wing are actually Houlihans, nice and meaty, fried and I really like their creamy buffalo wing sauce.


And my favorites are the Kayla wings at JSBBQ in Belmar :grin:

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I regularly get their bbq fried chicken and those sauce slathered beauties may be my favorite breasts ever, although the wings, drums, and thighs are awesome as well.


I guess that I’m going to have to go lowbrow on this discussion. I like a wing that is fried, uber crisp and a great crunchy breading. So call me a heathan, but I do love my Popeye’s wings!

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I’ve never had the Popeye’s wings, but they sound similar to the Houlihan’s I was speaking of!


You’ve got to try Mogo’s wings!!


I just checked out their website. Tomorrow they are having a wing eating contest. 12 people, and the registration is full. Sounds interesting!

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According to the that top 25 list, Chicken Kitchen seems to be putting out excellent wings too - CK and CH are similar establishments so they might give you the satisfaction you need.

And as for wings at KFC - they definitely used to have them! They were the kind that were dusted with some kind of flavor, and were sauceless but spicy. Small wings and not really fit for a big boy wing discussion but I really enjoy those shitty spicy wings. You can get similar chicken wings at most ghetto fried chicken places.

@bgut1 The way you described those Chicken Holiday wings is exactly how I would describe chinese takeout wings. Sauceless batter fried wings that are super tasty. I’m pretty sure they add a ton of MSG/Chicken powder to that batter.


Guys they have half price EVERYTHING on Mondays and Tuesdays at rorys in sea bright. They have all different flavors of wings and some tasty looking bar food. Wing hodown? Check these flavors out

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I’m down for some Jameson’s BBQ wings. At half off I may even spring for beef and guinness stew :grin: