Let's Flap Our Wings [NJ]

As I’ve stated many times on that other board and even here in other threads, my choice for best wings in NJ has been and continues to be - Jack’s of WLB. I always get the hot garlic for a good mix of hot buffalo sauce and a lot of garlic.

I nominate the wings at Jersey Shore BBQ, which are destination worthy for their savoury sweet smokey spicy goodness.

I haven’t been in a while but the gas light has some newer bourbon wings I hear are phenomenal. Their last generation wings with Korean BBQ were awesome so expect good things.

Jsbbq wings have to be good. They put out some good product. I will give these a go soon. I like the wings at local smoke…salty as hell lol. I like their style.

The wings at surf BBQ are stellar…seriously. They are just complex, unique, and delicious. You get quite a few layers of flavor, lingering heat and the peanut topping just works for me. What a good wing and great texture with the crispy skin and crunchy peanut dusting.

As for jacks…I haven’t been in ages. I need to get over there. Does jacks have any good happy hour specials?

I like the wings at JSBBQ, but I prefer the fried kind. Still, I will break down and overpay for some Surf BBQ one of these days.

They used to have 50 cent wings at Jack’s happy hour and lots of beer specials too, but I haven’t been for a long time, since they became Jack’s Goal Line Stand I think. On that note, I know they started out as Jack’s Rib and Ale House, but what did they change their name to in between then and now? Anyone know?

OOOH! OOOOH! Mr. Kotaaare! I know! I know!

-JSBBQ (Belmar) for certain (I’m partial to the Kayla wings, which are sweet and spicy, but have loved every flavor I’ve tried)

-Mogo (Asbury Park-Cookman Ave location) has the most amazing fried wings I’VE had; get the Buffalo Kimchi and tell me they’re not fantastic! Tangy, textured deliciousness.

-I’ve only had them once but the referral came from a mention made by one of you HOs…the duck wings at Brickhouse Tavern and Tap in Neptune.

Perhaps we need a Wing Crawl after Labor Day. JUST. SAYIN’. :chicken:

Seal, the wings there are actually not overpriced. It is 8 bucks for 3 whole wings (6 pieces) so in my eyes it is a good deal for some great wings.

Jack’s use to do all you can eat wings during half time of Monday Night Football. The only problem was it was so crowded, you only got one run at the wings, before half time was over and they took down the buffet since it was half time only.

I agree though Jacks has the best wings in the area, although I haven’t been in several years. My son loves wings and I keep telling him we have to go here…I better get it in soon since he leaves for college soon. :pensive:

A couple notable places; Hoolihans, I say they are the best wings in the “chain” category. They use a fried meaty wing, and I like their buffalo sauce, almost a creamy buffalo sauce, very good.

Woody’s; (Tinton Falls, though I assume the wings are the same) they have a nice sriracha wings that I really like

Pour House; You have to order them at the bar, the bar wings vs. the kitchen wings are two different animals. They grill them behind the bar, they use whole wings, nice and meaty and coated with a nice bar-b-q sauce. Not your ordinary wing, but good none the less. Love this and some roasted clams.

Brickhouse; Duck Wings! (nuff said)


Buffalo Wild Wings…no idea how this place stays in business.

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I really enjoyed the wings in my recent visit at The Committed Pig.

Were they pig wings or regular old chicken wings?

regular old chicken wings.

Do Oven Baked Wings Count? I love the coal fired wings at Zoni’s Pizza.

I don’t see why not, I’ve only had them at Tommy’s in Red Bank and they were “good”, different but nothing wrong with them.

Woodys is goodys.

So these are not in NJ but are totally awesome and worth the trip (its 50 minutes from Monmouth, less from Edison or Perth Amboy):


Ike’s fish sauce wings at Pok Pok in Brooklyn.

Amongst the best wings on the planet.


I was so pissed off when they changed the spot in the east village from wings to tom sum.

I have a brother in Portland and had Andy’s food for the first time well b4 he came to NY and it’s all good, not just the wings.

Yep. Duck Salad is to die for.

Has anybody been to the Boathouse in Belmar?

They appear to have a massive selection when it comes to different types of wings:


Been. Had the wasabi teriyaki and enjoyed them. Even made my own version of that sauce and it came out pretty good as well. Never tried the buffalo ones there though

A road trip could be in order. That’s a lot of different wings to try.

They also have buffalo chicken nachos, so we may have a little thread overlap.

so who has some really spicy wings around here?