Let's Flap Our Wings [NJ]

I’ll nominate the wings at my house. I’ve eaten wings a lot of places including the Anchor Bar & the only place I’ve had better wings than mine was the place I stole the recipe from.

Well I think it’s only fair if we all get to judge this, please post your address as well as date and time you will be serving us.

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JSBBQ has a habanero version, iirc…

I picked up some crispy deliciousness thinking abut this thread :slight_smile:

Curlz yes I’ve tried their habenero sauce…very nice without ruining things.

We had some shockingly good buffalo wings at the Channel Club tiki bar in Monmouth Beach.

New flavor on the block from Vietnam Bistro in Howell.

Tasted like this stuff

mixed with honey and would’ve benefited from some hot chili but was tasty enough to get me thinking about making a knock off soon.

When it comes to classic American Buffalo style, Jacks is tops for me. Happy hour is still great, 50c wings and 1$ Bud.

Other than that, Mogo does great Korean style wings if you’re in Monmouth and have a hankering. If you feel like taking a drive, hit up Peck Peck https://www.yelp.com/biz/peck-peck-korean-style-chicken-teaneck-2 in Teaneck. The ambiance and quality control cannot be beat here - the place is like an 8 top dive; the husband and wife couple are owners and no one else works there.

Of course Pok Pok is pretty fucking phenomenal.

Honorable mention: Chinese restaurant takeout wings. I think they put chicken boullion powder in the coating or something. Either way they are cheap (<4$ for 4 whole pieces) and delicious, and every takeout place seems to do it well.

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Where’s this from? Mmm wing tips.

JJ, Halal kitchen on 4th in Brooklyn near Barclays Center is has halacius Chinese style wings. And they are cheep too.

Ming chu…this gangster Chinese spot. I think they rarely change the oil so it soaks up all types of pork fat and other lard. They get them nice and crispy too. Other than the wings the place is pretty shitty (save for the beef sticks.) Id take these over the ming Ying wings which are really tasty.

I haven’t been to Jacks in ages. I need to get over there soon.

Looking good seal. Does pho le do any wings?

OK so after some thanksgiving bird I had wings on my mind. Im bumping this up.

What’s new or old in the wing world?

One local spot I like has some new coffee rubbed bourbon wings. I will get a report soon. I don’t think I’ve ever had a coffee rubbed chicken piece but I’m down to try it.

If you haven’t had Mogo’s KFC def go!! They even have a buffalo kimchi wing now…yuuuum

Thanks for the tip. I will have to try it but I don’t get into ap that often. Speaking of chicken, @joonjoon had a good Jamaican jerk chicken spot. Any updates on this joint? It may be called negril iirc. I wish we had more west indie food around.

Mmmm. Mogo.

Picked up 4 dozen from Buffalo Wild Wings, really don’t care for them. I’ve never been a fan but this just confirms they suck!

That would be Mark’s Place in Asbury! Negrile is gone now, I hope they return though. They had a really awesome home made hot sauce the first time I asked, but then the time after that they just gave me a bunch of chopped up hot pepper. Still great though.

My new favorite wings are at Boathouse in Belmar. Get the regular wings grilled, it’s fantastic! The sauce is a very unassertive buffalo that really lets the grilled wing flavor shine.

I’m bumping this one up.

Has anyone had any good wings lately? I’ve been tearing into some local smoke wings (their smoked ones.)

So for you dry wing fans, what’s your favorite recipe? (homemade or off the shelf …either one)

For wings I’m thinking we may need to do an old fashioned crawl this summer. Just go to a few places and have the wings and move on. Our last one was quite a while ago.

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Damn a wing crawl sounds awesome! What town though? A nice quadruple play would be tommys, local smoke and brothers in RB…all within a hundred yards of each other and all three have tasty and different styles. Then batting cleanup is oriental empire which is a 5 min walk serving “mandarin wings” and it’s 8 for 5 dollars. Why I have not tried these yet is unknown lol. Then if you want a 5th spot some gangster China moon fried wings…oh and then there is siam garden deep fired chili wings. So within 100 yards we could get tommys, siam, brothers, local smoke and China moon. Oriental empire is a short walk and that would be 6 spots.

I think wings are half price on Thursday at Tommy’s so that might be an idea. A 6 spot wing crawl would be pretty damn nice! @joonjoon this is right in your wheelhouse man.

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