Let's do a fish fry!

List out your favorite eating fish–no region excluded.


Great Lakes Yellow Belly Perch;
Trout (Brown, Speckled, Rainbow, Lake);
Lake Superior Whitefish;

Please add yours.


Saltwater speckled trout
Red snapper
Catfish, wild if possible but hard to come by unless you catch it yourself, looks like another trip to Lake Conroe is necessary

Shellfish, oysters and crabs

I’m about to fry up some fresh Gulf snapper in a matter of minutes my Grandmother style. Skin on dipped in egg and milk and pan fried in 80/20 corn meal flour mixture in a cast iron skillet.

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Where I live on the outer Cape it’s haddock, cod/cod cheeks and shellfish. I love fried catfish and smelts, but they aren’t available here. I grew up eating fried perch in the Midwest.

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For fried fish: Cod, Haddock & Whiting in that order.

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Fish I can catch locally= flounder, ling, and fluke (also called flounder down south) …cod too but there aren’t that many around here any longer.

Fish I have to buy= red snapper, yellowtail snapper.

If shellfish are included then that’s a whole new topic :slight_smile:

Cool thread. We need some pics to get this going. I will see if I can round some up.

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Good question. For starters:

Florida fried grouper sandwich
Black cod/sable/butterfish
. . .

Shellfish: fried oysters and fried full belly clams

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For fried:

Edit: I’ve had good fried fish in Wisconsin but don’t recall what type of lake fish it was.

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In Baltimore, we have “lake trout” which seems to be some species of whiting. Interestingly, if you order “whiting” at these places, that means boneless. But I prefer the original “lake trout” with bones.

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1st. Haddock
Then, Pufferfish (rare in this area, ct)

Love haddock, versatile and easy to prepare in many ways. Do not care for cod or Chilean sea bass. Myatomes are too slippery and big.


I love fish but cannot eat catfish and we hav plenty here at our dock. They look like cats !

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I forgot to list Cod! :thinking:

A few of the “better” fish-centric restaurants along the lake shore offer fresh cod on their menus. When we see it, I get it.

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If. you live in Baltimore, try to go to Maryland Market Center formerly known as Maryland Wholesale Seafood Market. at 7901Oceano Ave in Jessup Md 20794.
It is a stretch of seafood market, mostly wholesale ( do not go to the retail one , too expensive)
I typically go to Reliant Seafood Market.

Fresh dry scallops, fresh rainbow trout ( with or without head ), gulf shrimp, and best of all, Ducktrap River of Maine Products where some of my favorites are their Pastrami style Salmon , a whole side would cost $around $30.00 or so depending on weight but about $80 at McKenzie, ( smoked mussels ( around $10.00 for a pound whereby it sells for $6.99 for 4 or 6 oz at Whole Foods) , smoked fin fish ,

I used to go there twice a year, but they are only open 2AM-10:AM catering mostly to restaurants and grocery stores. Last time I went was last July. You will not be disappointed!

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I do love grouper and mahi mahi (dolphin to you Floridians).

I also love wild pacific salmon but I think the year round availability of farmed salmon (which doesn’t taste the same at all - so just its presence) makes me think less often of salmon. I need to rewire that thinking.

Since we’ve been veering away from “fish” - I do love lobster too.

Wow - I could keep naming seafood that I love, but those are my knee jerk loves.

Edit - now this was illegal in that they were undersized - but when I lived in the FL keys we used to be able to catch mangrove snapper behind the house - literally just drop a line and pull out fish - we could have a dozen in minutes. There is something about fresh caught fish that is so good.

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I forgot about fried Grouper. That is my favorite but we seldom see it here in the north. & when we do it’s astronomically expensive.

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When I am visiting family in the PNC, fresh-caught local salmon and halibut is simply amazing.

When I am home in MA I love local flounder, bluefish, mako shark (if it has been properly processed), line-caught swordfish, pollock. I often join our local Community Supported Fishery to get caught-that-morning fish although I am on hiatus right now. We got whiting from that a few times and it was heaven. For frying: haddock, pollock, cod.

I love trying local fish when traveling. Branzino and orata in Italy, Dover sole in the UK, herring in Amsterdam - yum!


I also forgot cod. I fry it in a simple beer batter.

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I fried up a parrot fish this afternoon and drowned it in Thai red curry with a bunch of veggies. Inspired a bit by Mark Wiens fish head crawl the other day. 500px-Bicolor_parrotfish

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I fried some cod this evening - slathered with a spice paste and crusted with semolina. Hit the spot.