Let's Discuss Edible Cannabis........................

I’ve had the D-9 and got nada, but my tolerance after 30+ years is through the roof.

I’ve also come to realize/accept that my brain isn’t the same as it was in my teens, when those giggles were easier to come by in general. Blame life n 'at.


I was lucky enough to discover I still had two unused discounts at a newish dispo. 35% off 3 carts and an 1/8 of flower.

Ooops. None of it edible. Ima shuddup now :wink:

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If you DO wanna make edibles on your own and don’t want the crapshoot of making your own canna butter, I can highly recommend the ‘Heavenly Sweet’ brand.

They sell it in 4oz tubs in recreational (1000mg THC) or medical (2000mg). Baking a batch of brownies is as easy as making regular brownies. Just portion out the canna butter so it adds up per dose and WEIGH YOUR PORTIONS.

Alternately, I’ve had excellent results using Emerald Bay Extracts tablets. #NotAnAd They come in a tin of 40 25mg tabs in a variety of strains. Convenient, discreet, very effective.

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I don’t. Edibles don’t affect me, never have. I must be missing that mysterious enzyme one needs.

It’s ok. Carts & flower are much easier to dose, and effective immediately. Who has the time or patience to wait up to 2 hours for shit to kick in? Not I.

PS: A dear friend sent me a care package from CA once that included chocolate with a shit ton of THC in it. It didn’t affect me at all, but my PIC was tripping his ballz off like a teenager.

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CKD=Chronic Kidney Disease? Do you have any links connecting cannabis use to relieving it? I have it too, at stage 3.


Only my own experience.
Certainly helps with appetite and relieves the always lurking pain.
I’m stage 4.
You’ve got me intrigued though.
I’m going to search.

Edit: there are lots of studies both pro and con.
This is going to take some time to parse their words.
I’m not transplant eligible so pot is a real relief pain wise.


I am curious about measuring “affect”. I tend to think about it first in terms of receptors rather than enzymes. The GI affect is intriguing.

From an earlier post.

Some have increased appetite, and others have vomiting!

Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome

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It neither affects me physically nor psychoactively, if that clarifies what I mean by “ZERO effect.”

Interesting! Maybe it’s an absorption thing.

I sort of meant is there some scale of objective or subjective psychoactive observations measured against dose or amounts in blood or urine, but I guess on a scale of zero to one hundred, zero means zero.

Everyone is different, of course. Some people are affected to a greater or lesser extent, depending on personal chemistry, tolerance, etc. The thing w/ edibles is, if you take them ‘wrong’, you can not feel anything, and until you’re experienced with them, it’s hard to know the ‘right’ way to take them, for you.

THC bonds readily w/ fat, which is why people traditionally baked it into brownies or cookies. You could toast your weed to decarb it, then confit it in oil or butter, strain out the plant matter and use the oil in your recipe. Now, you can buy infused oil or cannabutter and use THAT in your recipe, and there’s no more guessing on dosage. With the advent of gummies, beverages, etc, you can now take edible doses of THC with NO fat along with it. And if you do that, esp on a more or less empty stomach, it’s likely the THC will just pass right through you without ever getting into your system. Zero effect.

In my experience, I get best results from edibles when I 1) accompy their ingestion with a small snack. A cookie, brownie, some french fries, etc. After about 60-90 minutes, I’ll find it’s starting to buzz, and that’s when I have an actual meal, which is enhanced by the edible, AND the additional digestive activity seems to speed things along, and I find the effects are greatly increased 15-30 min after eating.

Better living through biology. :slight_smile:


Henry makes cannabis cookies

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Not sure why I hadn’t seen your reply earlier. Yes, people’s body chemistries are different.

So, trust me when I tell you that edibles do not affect me, regardless of how I ingest them, in what combination (I’m aware of the lipophiliia of THC and other psychoactive substances in cannabis), and which dosage. I’ve been doing this pretty much all of my life since adolescence, and would greatly appreciate if I were able to process ingested THC in that it would certainly be healthier than smoking flower or vaping distillates, but it is not. It is an absolute waste of my money.

Have at all the edibles you can get your hands on, and be happy they work for ya :wink:

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With me it induces hypersomnia, no matter the method. :sleeping:

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Yup. And imagine the usual Thanksgiving post-prandial crash after eating this. You might not even finish the meal and end up falling asleep with your face in the plate.