Let's Discuss Edible Cannabis........................

This is a cannabis thread We all see colors :upside_down_face:


Someone has to do the obvious jokes so it might as well be me :wink:

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Like an episode of Chopped! And in case it bears mentioning, alcohol is a super drag on sleep. Might help with the falling asleep but good luck staying asleep or getting any deep rest!

Makes perfect sense!

Hippie vegetarian Chopped haha. Yeah, that’s a good call. I have cut WAY back; if I do have a drink I make sure it’s around 5, rather than closer to bed.

Still lol’ing.


“Circadia and the Fisher Wallace Stimulator® are identical technologically, but Circadia is defined as a general wellness device because it is intended to help people manage sleep, stress and concentration. Circadia is not intended to treat medical conditions. The Fisher Wallace Stimulator® is defined as a medical device because it is indicated to treat anxiety, insomnia and depression.”

For $200 now. Impressive. The FW really helps me sleep.


Iiinteresting. The TMS thing I was doing seems to have helped a little bit, but I’ll check it out. My wife ordered some tincture that I picked up today, so I see some experimenting in our future. The THC gummies have been a godsend; my wife has mostly been able to stop enforcing the ‘keep your behind in bed until you get up to run between 4:30 and 5, so I have (cautiously) high hopes.

Ordered the Circadia ! Hoping I can still use HSA without the prescription version.

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I turn mine up to 4 (lower settings did zilch for me) and use it right before sleep.

I was able to cancel the Circadia and use my HSA credit card to get the Fisher -Wallace and with an additional $30.00 discount . @ChristinaM , Thanks for the heads up. I think CES might have some merit for some things.

Great! Glad you were able to switch that.

I ordered the Circadia for a family member with anxiety and sleep difficulties. I hope it helps them, and the company means it when saying the C is technologically identical to the FW.
C has a generous trial period policy but I also hope we don’t need to use that.

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You sold me. Ordering one of these to try out, and if it works then another one goes to my mom.

If they feel like it’s not doing anything, maybe encourage them to play with the intensity setting. :crossed_fingers:t2:

I’m so happy for y’all and hope it’s helpful!

p.s. a blogger recommends buying cheaper replacement cosmetic sponges on Amazon and cutting them down to size to save on supply costs.

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p.s. I use these headbands instead of the Velcro-d band:

I feel like you folk may have some inspired ideas…