Lemongrass, now what?

I have five large but very tender stalks. What are some of the ways you incorporate lemongrass? Is there a preferred method to storing it?


If you can use all of them in a week or 2, you can just keep them in the fridge. If now, better to store them in freezer for future use.

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For freezer do I keep the lemongrass whole or is it ok to chop it first?

If you have any part of the stem attached, you can stick them in water and they’ll grow roots and new leaves.

Aside from the usual asian applications, lemongrass is lovely in tea with ginger and lemon. You can also make a syrup for use in cocktails or seltzer or dessert.

Agree chopping for the freezer. Try the regrowing roots trick with the bottom 2” even if you’re freezing the rest.


Thanks that super helpful.

I bought some today for a thai beef salad this weekend.

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I always freeze it whole but then I mainly use it bashed and cut in half for Malaysian/Thai curries. It does defrost pretty quickly though and I sometimes finely dice it and mix it with fennel, turmeric , salt and some veg oil and use as a paste for Malaysian fried chicken.


That paste sounds fantastic.

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I freeze it whole too, because it is relative easy to chop even when it is out of the freezer, or wait 5 - 10 minutes. And you know exactly the size you need.

Some uses of lemongrass in this old WFD post.

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Sounds wonderful for a quick fix dinner.

I froze a few stalks in finger length pieces, wrapped well. I stuck one stalk in water to root out of curiosity, made ginger lemongrass tea for breakfast and really enjoyed that combo. Right now I have a few chicken thighs marinating in a lemongrass infused mixture. Fingers crossed.

Thxs all!


Rain prevented grilling tonight so hopefully the marinade soak is still ok for tomorrow. Lemongrass is usually subtle so :crossed_fingers:

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These pork meatballs are good if you eat pork:

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Crazy but I have all the ingredients on hand. Thxs.

Lemon grass infused cod was very tasty and a cant fail way to try using lemongrass in a dish without a possible fail. First time I bought cod at WFs and was very happy with the quality. The lemongrass was purchased at the Asian market which sells large bundles for under $2. I am not happy with what happens to lemongrass when it defrosts, too watery. So, I am glad I stored the majority of stalks out on the counter.

I warmed butter in a saucepan and added grated lemongrass and brush the mix on the fish as it broiled. Topped with a bit more and a squeeze of lemon.


Lemongrass tea is my new fav tea

we put it in white wine vinegar or rice wine vinegar with some ginger. Very nice for salads, marainades & etc.

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Great idea, thanks.

I have 2 large clumps of lemongrass growing in the yard outside the kitchen. Agreed, replant the root end

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Preparing this recipe for dinner. using up the last bit of my bundle. Next time I head to the market, lemongrass will be a part of the regular purchase. I really enjoy it.

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