Left on the counter overnight!

Oh no! but yes I did.

So here is Hungry Onions first idiot in the kitchen thread.

Put everything away and cleaned up the kitchen and left a container of delicious vegan curry on the counter overnight.

It was cold here last night and the curry was vegan, coconut based, with veggies and tofu.

I am pretty convinced between the cool room, the spices, and the fact that it is vegan, even though technically outside of safety guidelines I will be OK to eat it.

anybody want to convince me otherwise :wink:

The noodles did make it to the fridge at least.

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I saw a “tipping” post earlier; was only a matter of time before a “is it safe to eat” thread would appear. :wink:


I wouldn’t hesitate to eat it. All these firsts… :slight_smile:

Eat it.

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Eat it and let us know what happens:)

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Yup. Eat.

eat, but warm thoroughly.

I personally would eat it, but I am brave and strong… not sure if you should follow my footstep. :sunglasses:

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I’m always the first to say toss it but I literally did the same thing last winter with a vegan chickpea curry in january- and my apt is maybe 60 overnight in the winter- and i ate it after nuking the next day. Lived to tell.

Normally I’d say eat it. But we have under 1000 members so having you around really makes a difference! Take one for the team and order a pizza instead. :wink:


No! No! and No! It is exactly because we are new. This is the moment of history. All of these actions will be documented on the internet for centuries to come. What would you think the new members will think of JTPhilly if he doesn’t eat his delicious vegan curry? How will he faces future generations?

Aye, eat and he may die. Run, and he’ll live… at least a while.
And dying in his beds, many years from now, would he be willin’ to
trade ALL the days, from this day to that, for one chance, just one
chance, to come back here and tell the young members that the spoiled curry may take his
life, but they’ll never take… HIS COURAGE!

He has to eat it. He must.

(P.S.: I killed a polar bear with my bare hands this morning when I picked up the mails. I want to be documented here)


I am truly humbled and hanging my head in shame…how could I forget that history is in the making?

If he eats it and takes the ultimate one for the team, well, guess we can have a really kick ass virtual wake!

(Note to self: order one of those ice rock thingies and a big bottle of bourbon asap!)

the future meatn2 since I’ve been cut down to size! :smile:


I don’t know about bourbon, but you shouldn’t drink Scotch with ice. :smirk:

Some musical advice -


Similar to my underwear when I was single, does it pass the smell test? If so they are good to go for at least another day, maybe two if you are very careful.


Am adding my sad tale to this thread. Apologies to the FB crowd. Went into the basement tonight to find the freezer door ajar and all of my carefully vacuum sealed packages of vegetales defrosted. A year of work down the drain.

Quite impressive that you changed your single status! :smiley:


That is just awful. A similar situation prompted my switch to pressure canning whenever appropriate. But sometimes the freezer is the best method.

My latest fridge/freezer has an alarm if left ajar. I was immensely pleased with this feature. Until I discovered that the alarm is precisely smack in the range that I can no longer hear well!

This is indeed very sad. I do treasure my stock/broth very much too. They are time consuming and expensive.

My condolences on your loss… That’s a goddamned tragedy!

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