Left on the counter overnight!

I’m sorry to disagree but I’d bring everything back to a solid simmer, repackage and freeze. But as Sam used to say “I live in a magic house.” And what better time to revive that but here??? :smile:


OMG That sucks I would be so furious

Well Vegan Curry is what’s for dinner tonight so if you dont hear from me tomorrow send help!

I am proud of you.

Happy to say I am indeed alive this morning after consuming the subject vegan curry last night for dinner. I will say unlike ragu and stews I find coconut curries to be one of those dishes that is better the first time around though.

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Serial underwear sniffer/user?


Congratulation. Did it taste good?

yeah it was fine, none the worse for its evening on the counter anyway

Well then I guess that begs to ask, have you ever had it day old where it wasn’t left on the counter? Maybe like a fine steak or wine, it improves with age when stored properly?? Now we will never know.

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[quote=“Gourmanda, post:16, topic:1297”]
A year of work down the drain.
[/quote] Sooooooo sad to hear this!

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