Le Creuset 7.5 quart/7 Litre "Chef's Oven" at what I think (hope) is a decent price

Macy’s has the “Deep Teal” color at $240, and free shipping.

Cutlery & More has the lighter blue shade called “Marseilles” at $250, also free shipping.


I hope these are good prices - I’ve watched for a while (primarily monitoring Amazon) and haven’t seen cheaper. Most of the proclaimed “SALE!” prices tend to be $300 with supposed regular cost being $463. I ordered the “Deep Teal” from Macy’s.


I can’t afford to buy Le Creuset but do have a hard working casserole dish, that works on the hob or in the oven, that cost about £25.

FWIW, a 7.5 ltr Le Creuset would be around £260, according to a quick Google.

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Thanks John. As for

That’s what my wife told me when I said I wanted to order it for my birthday. I explained that I was buying it only for my temporary use, with the intent to gift it to my grandson-to-be in 40 years or so. Surely she could agree to spending $240 on her expected grandchild.

She gave me “the eyebrow” treatment.


They look great. Congratulation. A cookware you use often is always worth its price. I like how you are future investing for your grandson. You should use the line… “in the future, they won’t make it like how they are now.”

You should buy two. One to use and one to be kept in a box.

It will be like sealed Boba Fett.


Seems like a good idea to me but I don’t think I’ll convince her of that. She’s more of a “wait and see if there’s a better sale later” kind of person.

Which is why she never got that nice watch she really wanted. Price dipped a fair bit a couple of times, but not enough to suit her, and then just kept going up for years.

Guess I can’t complain. I’m mostly like that, too, so we’re compatible and it’s been overall really good for our finances these past ~ 30 years.

She did let me get boxed Calphalon HA pan sets for all the kids about 3 years ago. Costco had them for about 30% of the then current “sale” price at Amazon and other websites. We just doled out the 2nd set for my second daughter’s birthday last weekend, as she’s now graduated and has her first engineering job, and will be moving into her first “real” (not college-related) apartment. The other 2 sets are still hidden in the basement.

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Love to own that. You live once.

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I own that pot - I actually own two of it, one old style and one new style -both have black interior like the Staub interior.

Great pots for stews and soups and chilli’s.

FYI My new style is flame coloured and the old style is cerise red.

I paid US$ 190 for the flame and US$ 150 for the cerise red - 3-4 years ago.

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Nice. I’ve not been tracking the prices so long as 4 years, maybe 1.5-2 years, but I’ve never seen the large ones under USD 200.

I’ve seen the black interiors on some of the LC skillets and would prefer that myself, but it seems most of the DOs they offer now have a cream colored interior enamel finish (as did this one).

Well, Darn. I just got a look at the thing (was out of town last week when delivered) and there’s a small enamel gap type defect on the inside bottom surface. The dimple diameter is about 2.5 mm and the pinhole itself is maybe 300 microns.

There’s a similar defect, slightly larger, on the outside (bottom surface). I’m less worried about it, but concerned the one on the inner surface could rust and start a larger delamination of the enamel.

Would you guys keep and hope for the best, or send it back for exchange without using?

If it bothered me I would return it.

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It will only bother me if it leads to further surface degradation. That’s what I’m wondering - whether anyone has experience with a pinhole in the enamel, and whether it eventually caused a larger problem.

I’ve just read LC’s warranty information and it seems I am responsible for the cost of post, apparently in both directions.

For a manufacturer’s defect?

I’d give them a call or shoot an email to customer service with pics of both flaws. This is 100% on them.

(I’m assuming this wasn’t an “as-is” or “seconds” sale.)


Correction re shipping. Since I bought via Macy’s online it looks like they’ll accept a physical return for refund at my local store.

And I’ll just order another one, hopefully defect-free.

Thanks. That was my thinking as well but the warranty info both in paper and online didn’t address it.

Looks like we posted at almost the same time, but I figured I should just return to retailer for refund instead.


If you want to go way, way back, the 90’s and early 00’s was a great time to buy LC’s and Staub. I have 5 of the pots from huge to small plus a grill pan and didn’t pay more than $30 for any of them, way before they became popular and when few people wanted to use heavy pots. If we ever have an insurance claim, the company will cringe at the cost of replacing my (inexpensive) cookware collection.


You’re Killin’ Me, Smalls!

Wish I’d had the foresight to look for LC or Staub back in the 80s or 90s.

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Less foresight on my part than luck. I just loved the colours and thought they looked like they would last.

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It is a defect, so if you want to start from perfect return and replace. Your call.

However, I don’t think that pinhole affects either longevity or food safety. I think you’ll find that there is a layer of clear enamel that is fired over the beige. I.e., the pinhole is sealed.

Absolutely. That’s when I loaded up- I had some LC they my mom had given me in the ‘70s, and it was really exotic back then. But Staub - I must have purchased a warehouse full of colors and shapes - and I gifted or donated a lot of it brand new. Got some great deals on LC too. Like less than $100 for really big pieces. My one regret - I saw an LC goose pot in Tuesday Morning on a bottom shelf and I didn’t grab it - of course, I probably couldn’t have lifted it …

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Oh my. I don’t have one that big…I have three in various sizes of the “ovens,” but now I realize I need that deep teal color…they are much older versions of red, blue, and dark green.

Fortunately I live less than a mile from a Le Creuset outlet store, so I’ll check it out when the outlet store has further discounts.


I have been lusting after that goose pot for a long time…decades. It’s at my local LC outlet store, or was the last time I looked years ago. There is no way I can lift it, however, and I’ve never cooked a goose.